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KTWR Christmas DRM Broadcasts

KTWR will be airing special Christmas broadcasts in DRM later this month. The frequencies and times will be the same as we use for the current DRM broadcasts. All broadcasts will be in English. (We hope to do this in more languages next year.) Frequency    Time                    Date                        Designated …

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DRM Newsletter December 2020

Following requests from our readers, we have updated the DRM schedules on our website. So please check for yourself! List of DRM transmissions Interactive map. Over 30 broadcasters carry regular DRM transmissions, covering almost half the world’s population. Updated to 31 March 2021. Download DRM 2020 Review –

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Pakistan policy to mandate DRM in all new cars

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) has requested that the Government includes the Policy for equipping all cars in Pakistan with DRM receivers in its automotive policy. This will be discussed for inclusion in the Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan for 2021-2026 of the Ministry of Industries and Production. PBC representatives will be part of the consultative body that will issue …

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New DX program on KTWR in DRM

Friends, I request you to listen to Dxers Diary, a 5-minute DX programme I produce and present in KTWR’s DRM broadcast every Sunday from January 3, 2021 in 13800 khz (DRM Mode) between 10.26 hrs UTC to 10.56 hrs UTC. You can send your logs and band scans to Arun Kumar, VU2BBF Chennai

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13655 kHz WINB DRM mode at 16 UT

DX hobby program on Fris 15.00 UT WINB in DRM-mode, “SW Radiogram – digital” but WINB in DRM mode noted today on Nov 11 at 16.20 UT on 13655drm-mode, S=8 or -82dBm in remoted SDR at Alberta Canada, DRM30 decoding, ID WINB AAC EEP Audio 8.28kbps SNR 12.8 dB Mons-Fris only. 50 kW, ITU #902 antenna type. 62degrees azimuth towards …

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Continous tests at night by AIR Mumbai in DRM Mode

Continous tests at night by AIR Mumbai in DRM Mode: Daily till 31 Oct 2020 from 11:30 pm to 5:30 am IST (1800 to 0000 UTC) (40 kW each in DRM Mode) Mumbai A 1035 kHz Mumbai B 549 kHz Reports to -Dr.Krushna Rao, Visakhapatnam (via Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)

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A New Era Begins for Brazilian Radio Broadcasting

A new era begins for Brazilian radio broadcasting with the arrival and installation of a first shortwave digital radio DRM transmitter developed and manufactured in the city of Porto Alegre by BT Transmitters. The transmitter will be sited at the public broadcaster (EBC) Rodeador Park, near the capital Brasilia, to be connected to one of the huge HF antennas of …

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Brazil: EBC to Install Shortwave DRM Transmitter

Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) has just added a shortwave DRM-capable transmitter to its Rodeador transmission park near Brasilia, the country’s capital. The public broadcaster will soon begin testing the 2.5 kW transmitter, designed and manufactured by BT Transmitters in Porto Alegre. According to the DRM consortium, the Brazilian-made sender will connect to one of EBC’s HF antennas to broadcast …

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New AIR DRM frequencies from tomorrow

With effect from tomorrow 1st Sept ’20 the AIR DRM stations on MW will operate in both Simulcast & Pure DRM mode on the same frequency ie – 9 kHz from the AM frequency. (At present DRM transmission in Simulcast mode is on +9 kHz and Pure DRM txn on same freq as AM.) Updated list MW frequency wise is …

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AIR changes DRM frequencies on MW

With effect from 1st Sept ’20, for the AIR stations listed in the attachment below (and others), DRM txns in both simulcast & pure drm mode will be on same frequency, – 9 kHz from the AM freq. At present DRM txn in simulcast mode is on +9 kHz and pure DRM txn on same freq as AM. Updated list …

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DRM Schedule of AIR Bengaluru

The new DRM test transmission schedule of AIR Bengaluru from 23 July 2020 is follows: 1000-1010 UTC 15410 kHz 1015-1025 UTC 15030 kHz 1030-1040 UTC 7550 kHz Reception reports to: copy to: (Thanks to Dr. DrThamminana Krushna Rao, Visakhapatnam) — Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

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Shortwave Radiogram, 28-31 May 2020: Olivia modes – slowest, slower, slow

I am not sure if I saw any advantage in last weekend’s Thor22 over our usual MFSK32, and not much over the much faster MFSK64. On my PC, the Thor22 performed poorly via WINB, but well via WRMI. There is something peculiar about WINB’s audio. The RSID’s don’t work (for me, anyway) and now the Thor22 doesn’t, either. But, via …

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