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B21 schedule of CNR “Voice of China” DRM experimental transmission

B21 schedule of CNR 1st program “Voice of China” DRM experimental transmission is as follows. Power all 30kW. Beijing 2025-1805 6030 0deg ID 3FF (except Tue 0600-0900) 0100-0900 13825 175deg ID 3EA Dongfang 0100-0900 11695 41deg ID 3E8 0100-0900 17770 16deg ID 3ED Kunming 0100-0400 15180 32deg ID 2 0400-0800 17800 32deg ID 2 0800-1100 15180 32deg ID 2 Qiqihar …

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Funklust campus broadcaster in DRM on shortwave

“funklust”, campus broadcaster at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, stands out as one of the radio stations with the most diverse transmission paths in the world. Recently, the station has revamped one of its digital broadcast paths: funklust in Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) on shortwave is now broadcast using a new, modern transmitter. In the summer of 2003, funklust (known as “bit eXpress” …

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DRM from KTWR Guam

Guam: schedule of KTWR Guam’s digital broadcasts (DRM = Digital Radio Mondiale) DRM broadcasts (from October 2nd through October 30th): Saturday 1100-1127 h 9910 kHz English for China Saturday 1128-1230 h 9910 kHz Japanese/English for Japan Sunday 0957-1026 h 15200 kHz Tamil and others for India Sunday 1026-1056 h 15200 kHz English for India DRM broadcasts (Winter 2021/22): Saturday 1100-1127 …

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DRM broadcasts from a locally produced transmitter will be originated for the first time in Latin America, as Brazil will officially start digital (DRM) shortwave transmissions through The National Radio of the Amazon towards the vast area of the northern Amazon region, mainly inhabited by indigenous populations. In another first, Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), the public broadcaster, placed the …

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Brazil Report on SW Digital Broadcasts

The report on the successful trail of shortwave in DRM for domestic use in Brazil was recently published. The trial at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 was a joint effort between The Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications in Brasilia, the University of Brasilia, EBC – the public broadcaster, the DRM Brazil Platform, and other commercial …

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DRM Consortium responds – the current status of shortwave broadcasting

DRM Consortium responds to an article in a recent edition in Radio World on the current status of shortwave broadcasting. It was very interesting and appropriate to read the article researched and penned by James Careless Shortwave Radios Keep Up With Tech – Radio World. It was also high time to address the issue of SW transmissions, just when the …

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DRM Consortium Publishes Its Own Results Overview of 2021 Delhi/Jaipur DRM FM Trial

In February and March 2021, the DRM Consortium, its members and supporters in India and internationally, conducted an extensive demo/trial of the global, ITU recommended DRM Digital Radio Mondiale standard applied for local/regional services in the FM band. This demo was carried out at the request of the AIR (All India Radio) as part of an evaluation of two digital …

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KTWR: test in DRM in Tamil da Guam

This experimental Global Radio Ministries program has been produced using a computer generated language in Tamil for broadcast by KTWR. If you listen to the programs we would like to hear your feedback. DRM Test Broadcast (From 22-Aug-21 to 26-Sep-21) Sundays 1014-1026 UTC on 15200 kHz to India in Tamil Linda Alvord TWR Asia Broadcast Monitoring Department P.O. Box 6095 …

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AIR DRM 9620

DRM transmissions on SW have restarted from AIR Bengaluru as follows: 1930-2030 UTC on 9620 kHz AIR External Services in French to Europe. Reception Reports appreciated to copy to: / — Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

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ABC DRM test on MW in Australia

Australia: ABC Radio National (RN) is testing DRM on 747 kHz MW. This is reported to be from Wangaratta VIC (re griffinboi on YouTube and Twitter, who reported receiving it in Melbourne 21 July). (747 kHz is not on an existing RN frequency from this site, but 747 is a frequency used by 4 other stations in Australia). Was decodable …

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AIR DRM 9620 restarted

DRM transmissions on SW have restarted from AIR Bengaluru on 9620 kHz at 1930-2030 UTC with External Services in French to Europe — Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

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Shortwave Radiogram, 15-18 July 2021: Digital modes that chase interstellar objects

Thanks to everyone who reported on last week’s test of gaps and no gaps before the image headers. No prominent pattern emerged during my first look at the results, but I need to do a more systematic analysis. My usual routine is disrupted this week, so I don’t have time to insert experiments this weekend. We will revert to the …

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