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Shortwave Radiogram, 14-17 November 2019

In the past few weeks, reception of Shortwave Radiogram has been challenging during some of the transmission in some parts of the world. For this reason, we will add two slow-but-robust modes — Olivia 32-2000 and MFSK16 — to our usual MFSK32 and MFSK64 for this weekend. Each will begin with the RSID more the mode, so make sure your …

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Shortwave Radiogram 7-10 November 2019

In the Northern Hemisphere, the shift back to winter time is complete. On our WRMI frequencies, Shortwave Radiogram stays at the same UTC times, so most of you will be tuning in those broadcasts one hour earlier by local time. On WINB’s 9265 kHz, Shortwave Radiogram stays with local Eastern Time, so the shows will stay at the same local …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 31 October-3 November 2019

I just realized that the first transmission of Shortwave Radiogram, today (Thursday) at 2330-2400 UTC, will compete with Halloween. Be careful out there, especially in eastern North America, where storms are expected. Time changes continue this weekend. Many clocks are turning back one hour — despite what I wrote in last week’s email. The European time change is complete,and the …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 24-27 October 2019

Most of Europe moves its clocks forward this Sunday, 27 October. The WRMI transmissions will remain at their present UTC times, so they will be an hour earlier by local time in Europe. WINB usually keeps its analog 9265 kHz program schedule fixed to US Eastern time, which will move back one hour on 3 November. Programming on the WINB …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 17-20 October 2019

This weekend’s show is in the usual MFSK32 and MFSK64, with eight images. Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 122,  17-20 October 2019, in MFSK modes as noted:   1:40  MFSK32: Program preview  2:45  New NASA satellite will study the ionosphere  7:52  MFSK64: North vs South Korea soccer in empty stadium* 14:06  This week’s images* 27:25  MFSK32: Closing announcements …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 10-13 October 2019

Thanks to Al in Florida, WD4AH, @WD4AK_Al , for moderating the @SWRadiogram Twitter account and helping with transmission tasks, 26 September-6 October, while my wife and I were in eastern Canada and Maine for a vacation. A video of program 119 (26-29 September 2019) is provided by Scott in Ontario (Friday 1300-1330 UTC). The audio archive is maintained by Mark …

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Shortwave Radiogram,  26-29 Sept and 3-6 Oct 2019

This email will provide the preview for this weekend  (26-29 September) and the following weekend (3-6 October 2019). Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 119,  26-29 September 2019, in MFSK modes as noted:  1:37  MFSK32: Program preview  2:41  Festival of Frequency Measurement honors WWV centennial*  6:48  MFSK64: MIT engineers produce blackest material* 11:47  This week’s images* 27:09  MFSK32: …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 12-15 September 2019

  Last weekend’s hidden message in Thor Micro at 70 Hz was mostly successful. This weekend, it was my intention to try Throb 1, another very narrow mode, also at 70 Hz, but I could not get a decode from the recording. It seems that Throb 1 does not like the very low audio frequencies. Our hidden message will be …

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Shortwave Radiogram,  5-8 September 2019

We are happy to know that WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida, was spared a direct hit by Hurricane Dorian. The Shortwave Radiogram schedule should, therefore, proceed as normal. WRMI was not entirely unscathed, having experienced some internet disruptions. Good luck to those still in the path of Dorian. Last week’s hidden message exercise, with BPSK63F at 95, 85, 75 and 65 …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 29 August-1 September

Please note the  new “winter” frequency, 5960 kHz, for The Mighty KBC. The schedule is below. Hurricane Dorian may be an issue this weekend. It is expected to hit somewhere in Florida on Monday. However, on Sunday, winds in the outer bands of the storm may start to affect operations at WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida. Let’s hope that WRMI does …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 22-25 August 2019

Our “hidden message” last week in the PSK125R mode was not as successful as the BPSK63F two weeks previously. Because the PSK125R is a wider mode, I had to put it as low as possible to prevent it from being audible. This put the lower part of the PSK125R right up against the carrier, and too low for many receivers …

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DRM newsletter august 2019

The DRM for FM test and demonstration in St Petersburg is going on and the reports are that the quality of the audio is excellent, to the delight of the organisers and Consortium participants (RFmondial, Fraunhofer IIs, NXP and Gospell). The Gospell receiver has also announced a new firmware update for its DRM30 receiver and its capacity to present text …

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