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AIR Urdu Service in DRM on MW

A21 changes to All India Radio External Service: Add Urdu 1071 kHz DRM 0130-0730 & 0930-1430 UTC — Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

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TWR Guam DRM info

GUAM DRM broadcasts in A-21 season (Updated 16-Febr-2021) Saturday 1057-1127 UTC 9910 kHz to China in English Saturday 1128-1230 UTC 9910 kHz to Japan in Japanese/English Sunday 1026-1056 UTC 15200 {13800 in B-20} kHz to India in English TWR Asia Broadcast Monitoring Department, – Tammy Weaver. (via Paul Gager-AUT, BrDXC-UK March 23)

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DRM Newsletter

This month marked the beginning of our DRM trial in the FM band that All India Radio is conducting in both New Delhi and Jaipur. The trial has a lot of “firsts” which are demonstrating in a practical way the benefits of DRM, shared across all bands, and its efficiency. We also demonstrated the possibility of running multiple digital services …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: Radio Kuwait DRM

R Kuwait DRM mode excellent, noted in Japan remotedly. 9540DRM mode UNID 00.00 UT CNR1 digital mode, S=9+30dB 00.01 UT Mar 16 10 kHz wideband block in Hiroshima-JPN. Checked on KIWInet in DRM mode at 23 – 01 UT on March 15-16. 9540DRM mode R Kuwait Kabd in Arabic language in excellent strong DRM mode on remote KIWI north of …

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The Brazilian DRM shortwave transmission at 11,910 kHz is now using an antenna that provides coverage for the south-central part of the country. The digital DRM transmission enjoys high quality audio, no noise, more multimedia content that can now be received in the most populous region of Brazil, after having at first been directed towards the north and the Amazonian …

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A DRM receiver for a DXERS DIARY listener

I am happy to announce that Trans World Radio (TWR) has come forward to provide 1 DRM receiver to a listener of DXERS DIARY who will be selected through a lucky draw. We will take listeners who send reception reports about DXERS DIARY, shortwave radio logs, band scans to DXERS DIARY in the next two months from today. DXERS DIARY …

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Voice of America Highlights the Benefits of DRM

As many broadcasters are still using different standards, including the digital DRM audio broadcast standard, to reach far and wide, Voice of America has just shown a TV report by Mike O’Sullivan on how DRM is playing an important role in global communications. (via Mike Terry via WOR io group)

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After DRM fiasco, govt rethinks radio digitization strategy

Government of India seems to have had a change of heart as far as its digitization strategy for radio is concerned. The first phase of India’s radio digitization — which has the potential to deliver CD-quality sound on radio receivers — was started around 11 years ago. Under this strategy, Prasar Bharati has finished putting up 38 digital radio towers …

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India: DRM on medium wave

Prasar Bharati Features DRM on Its Website […] The Prasar Bharati (which also includes All India Radio) website has now a comprehensive page that includes technical explanations, transmission sites, powers and MAPS (one of our old wishes finally fulfilled). Please check. (Ruxandra Obreja, DRM, 10 February 2021)   India – All India Radio expanded its information on digital medium wave …

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TDF Issoudun in DRM mode on shortwave

Since January 1, we have been carrying out new DRM tests from our Issoudun distribution center. These tests are initiated by TDF as part of our DRMCast project. DRMCast is an OC receiver that we have developed on our own funds which makes it possible to locally rebroadcast DRM content over wifi. Through this gateway-type interface, any smartphone or tablet-type …

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KTWR Christmas DRM Broadcasts

KTWR will be airing special Christmas broadcasts in DRM later this month. The frequencies and times will be the same as we use for the current DRM broadcasts. All broadcasts will be in English. (We hope to do this in more languages next year.) Frequency    Time                    Date                        Designated …

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DRM Newsletter December 2020

Following requests from our readers, we have updated the DRM schedules on our website. So please check for yourself! List of DRM transmissions Interactive map. Over 30 broadcasters carry regular DRM transmissions, covering almost half the world’s population. Updated to 31 March 2021. Download DRM 2020 Review –

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