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WINB Testing in DRM mode

America’s Oldest Commercial Shortwave Station Testing in DRM WINB, America’s oldest commercial shortwave station, is testing in DRM via two transmitters. The test transmissions are directed to both parts of Europe and North America. A new ASI transmitter, a CE-50000WS, is on the following test schedule: Monday-Friday 1100-1700 UT on 15670 kHz. The transmitter is rated at 15 kW and …

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Special DRM TX from Spaceline Today (18 April)

BULGARIA. Spaceline Bulgaria will have a special DRM transmission today, 18 April, from 1200-1400 on 11600kHz (including an old Mighty KBC show between 1200-1300UT). From SpaceLine (shortwave.airtime) Facebook page: “On April 18 Space Line supporting Digital Radio Mondiale will air special show @ 11600 kHz, 12.00-14.00 UTC in DRM mode targeting Mallorca and Spain for the Digital Radio Mondiale consorcium …

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BBC wants to keep FM radio for longer

BBC News 19 March 2018 The BBC says it wants to keep FM radio for the foreseeable future rather than switch over entirely to digital. BBC director of radio and music Bob Shennan said that “audiences want choice”. “We need to do more in the UK before we consider a switchover and for that to be genuinely led by the …

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BBC cancelled plans to switch-off FM radio broadcasts

BBC Director of Radio Bob Shennan says the future of radio in the UK needs to be a mixture of DAB, FM and internet, rather than just DAB. Details of his speech for delegates at Radiodays Europe on Monday morning have been leaked to the Telegraph, which quotes him as saying more work needs to be done before we consider …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 17-19 March

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is all in MFSK32. It includes the simultaneous transmission of text (centered on 1500 Hz) and an image (on 2200 Hz). Details and schedule: (Kim Elliott via WOR ml)

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Radio Kuwait DRM

Ottimo segnale di Radio Kuwait in DRM su 15110 kHz alle 1100 UTC.  Condizioni di lavoro: ricevitore Yaesu FRG 7000 e antenna dipolo. Convertitore autocostruito. Buoni ascolti a tutti. 73 de Giovanni — ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> page>

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Shortwave Radiogram, 24-25 Feb 2018

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is all MFSK32. The show includes all of the passages pertaining to shortwave in the Broadcasting Board of Governors FY2019 budget request. And an item about how artists can render non-visible light detected by telescopes exploring outer space Details: (Kim Elliott via WOR ml)

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Shortwave Radiogram, 17-18 Feb

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is all MFKS32. Minutes into the show …  1:32  Program preview  2:38  New Twitter feed tracks FCC experimental licenses*  6:55  Search for an ionosphere for signs of planetary life* 16:58  Astronomers image 40-light-year-wide space donut* 23:12  Olympics image* 25:33  Closing announcements Details: (Kim Elliott via WOR ml)

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Voice of Nigeria DRM

Ascoltata la Voice of Nigeria il 13 febbraio 2018 dalle 1815 alle 1830 UTC su 15120 kHz, in DRM, in un programma in lingua inglese. Segnale ottimo. Estrema confusione in casa kuwaitiana dove la mano destra sembra non sapere quello che fa la mano sinistra come dimostra lo schedule della stazione che non accenna minimamente alle emissioni in DRM. Le …

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Radio Kuwait su 9750 kHz in DRM

Ho ascoltato Radio Kuwait sulla frequenza di 9750 kHz dalle 1200 alle 1300 UTC il giorno 10 febbraio 2018 con segnali ottimi e demodulazione DRM impeccabile. Allegata una clip audio. Mi sono astenuto dall’allegare anche lo screenshot perchè non significativo ed anonimo. Condizioni di lavoro: RX Yaesu FRG-7000 e antenna dipolo. Downconverter (DRM2) autocostruito.QTH: Messina. — ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 10-11 Feb

Shortwave Radiogram includes an item about World Radio Day on 13 February. Most of the show is in MFSK32, with four images. There will also be an experiment comparing the Olivia 8-2000, 8-1000, and 8-500 modes: does it help to concentrate the data in narrower slices of bandwidth within the 2000+ Hz available in a shortwave broadcast sideband? Details and …

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The international and not-for-profit Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium congratulates the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for recommending, on February 1st, the way​ for a smooth transition from analogue to digital radio broadcasting services, without disruption to the existing FM radio services – read here. The document shows the benefits and potential of digital radio for all current and …

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