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The international and not-for-profit Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium congratulates the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for recommending, on February 1st, the way​ for a smooth transition from analogue to digital radio broadcasting services, without disruption to the existing FM radio services – read here. The document shows the benefits and potential of digital radio for all current and …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 20-21 Jan

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is mostly the usual MFSK32, but there is one item in Thor 22 so that we can practice processing images in this mode. Any slant and phase errors can be adjusted quickly.  Stories this weekend, each with an image, and all good arguments for maintaining shortwave: Iranian MPs want to prevent use of foreign apps* Uganda …

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Trasmissioni test in DRM KTWR

Estremamente variabile, dipendentemente dalle condizioni della propagazione, la ricezione delle trasmissioni di prova della KTWR da Guam sulla frequenza di 17530 kHz dalle 0815 alle 0845 UTC.   Ascoltata con splendido segnale  il 18 gennaio dalle 0830 alle 0845.   Condizioni di lavoro: ricevitore Kenwood TS 440S e antenna dipolo accordata. QTH: Tortorici, provincia di Messina.Convertitore DRM autocostruito. Vedere progetto …

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KTWR is going to run its first DRM test of 2018 this Wednesday through Friday (17-19 January). Reports would be appreciated. I suspect that propagation to South Asia will improve by the end of the broadcast each day. Details are listed below: Freq: 17530kHz Time: 0815-0845UTC Power: 90kW Target: India Audio: Mono Lang: English Data: None, other than ID and …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 13-14 Jan

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is mostly in the usual MFSK32, but one item is in Thor 22, including an avatar and an image. Details and schedule:

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Shortwave Radiogram, 6-7 Jan 2018

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is mostly in MFSK32, but it also includes some Thor Micro, an exotic and very slow mode.  This mode might be able to overcome poor reception conditions.   And, with Iran in the news, there will be some Persian text.   Special this weekend will be two test transmissions from WINB in Pennsylvania.   Details: …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 30-31 December 2017

Hello friends,   Apologies, especially to North Americans who were awake at an inconvenient hour, for the missing Shortwave Radiogram last Sunday at 0600 UTC on 7730 kHz. The legal difficulties of Brother Stair, a major WRMI client, caused a sudden reduction in the WRMI transmission schedule.   Jeff White at WRMI has kindly offered us Monday at 0800-0830 UTC …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 16-17 Dec: five modes

The main of edition of Shortwave Radiogram this weekend will include the usual MFSK32, plus 8PSK-125FL, 8PSK-250FL, and 8PSK-500F. The 8PSK-500F will be transmitted with the help of Flamp, a companion software to the Fldigi decoder. Anticipating poor reception most places during this half hour, the Sunday 2330-2400 UTC show on 11580 kHz will be entirely in the very slow …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 9-10 Dec

Shortwave Radiogram for the weekend of 9-10 December will mostly be in our usual MFSK32. But there will be one news item in 8PSK-1000F. The 8PSK-1000F mode is very fast (3000+ wpm) and normally would not be used on shortwave. But Shortwave Radiogram is not a normal radio program. The 8PSK-1000F will be transmitted in conjunction with Flamp, which will …

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Shortwave Radiogram: fun with bad reception

The Shortwave Radiogram broadcast Sundays at 2330-2400 UTC on 11580 kHz from WRMI Florida has lately experienced poor reception in most parts of the world. For this reason, this transmission on Sunday, 26 November will be all in Olivia 64-2000. This is a very slow mode (about 28 wpm) but robust in difficult conditions. It could be an interesting test …

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LOCAL-REGIONAL times on RNE-R5TN network

This is the actual situation in regions with more than one MW station (times UTC):ANDALUCÍA (Almería-1098, Cádiz-747+1503*, Córdoba-531, Granada-1017, Huelva-1098, Jaén-1413, Málaga-1152, Sevilla-603):    0730-0745 reg 0745-0800 locARAGÓN: (Teruel-1107, Zaragoza-936):0730-0800 regCASTILLA-LA MANCHA: (Albacete-1152, Ciudad Real-1305, Cuenca-1314, Toledo-1125)0730-0745 reg 0745-0800 locCASTILLA Y LEÓN: (Ávila-1098, Burgos-1017, León-1305, Palencia-603, Ponferrada-1107, Salamanca-1314, Soria-1125, Valladolid-936, Zamora-1152):0730-0750-loc 0750-0800 regCATALUÑA: (Barcelona-576, Girona-1413, Lleida-1152, Tarragona-1314):0730-0745 reg 0745-0800 locCOM. VALENCIANA    …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 18-19 Nov

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is mostly in the usual MFSK32, but one news story is transmitted first in 8PSK-500F (1690 wpm) and then in 8PSK-1000F (3386 wpm). These modes are probably too fast for HF, but we’ll try it anyway. Details and schedule: Patch audio from your radio to your PC, or place the radio’s speaker near the mic, …

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