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VOA Radiogram, April 11-12

VOA Radiogram is all MFSK32 this weekend, except for the bonus mode Olivia 32-1000. News items: Anti-venom against sub-Saharan snakes New aluminum-ion battery Chinese TV broadcaster punished for comment Balloons send “The Interview” DVDs into North Korea Islamic State hacks TV5Monde Details and transmission schedule: The above link also has information about digital text and images from The Mighty …

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VOA Radiogram: new (old) frequency, 8PSK125F

The Saturday 0930-1000 UTC broadcast of VOA Radiogram returns to 5745 kHz on April 4. This weekend’s experiment involves the 317 wpm 8PSK125F mode, first without a pilot tone, then with the pilot tone. Plus media news in MFSK32. Details here: VOA Radiogram transmission schedule (all days and times UTC): Sat 0930-1000 5745 kHz Sat 1600-1630 17860 kHz Sun 0230-0300 5745 kHz Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz All …

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VOA Radiogram, Mar 21-22, text and images via shortwave

VOA Radiogram for the weekend of March 21-22 includes a science story (iron once rained on earth), plus news about Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio and about Reuters in China. Details and transmission schedule: (Kim Elliott via dxld yg)

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VOA Radiogram, Mar 7-8, with experiments

VOA Radiogram for the weekend of 7-8 March experiments with … 1) RSID (changes your decoding software to the correct mode and audio frequency) 2) Flmsg (a shortwave transmitter in North America starts your web browser, which will show a formatted VOA News story) 3) AndFlmsg (decode the modes on an Android device). Details and transmission schedule: (Kim Elliott …

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Text/images on VOA Radiogram, WRMI, KBC

Here is the lineup for VOA Radiogram, program 100(!), 28 February-1 March 2015, all in MFSK32, except where indicated:  1:59  Program preview  3:01  Cheaper method of scrap metal separation*  8:51  University students analyze Russia’s RT TV* 17:10  Kim’s comments about two years of VOA Radiogram* 26:39  Closing announcements* 28:26  MFSK16: Bonus mode of the week * with image Please send …

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VOA Radiogram, Feb 21-22

VOA Radiogram for the weekend of Feb 21-22 includes news about clone Twitter accounts targeting RFE/RL and VOA. All in MFSK32 except for the bonus mode:   2:05  Program preview  3:04  US embassies to monitor air quality  8:11  Philippines looks to geothermal power* 14:14  Clone Twitter accounts target RFE/RL, VOA* 20:36  Broadcasting Board of Governors meeting* 26:45  Closing announcements* 28:27  …

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VOA Radiogram, Feb 14-15

VOA Radiogram during the weekend of Feb 14-15 includes these stories in MFSK32 text: New satellite will observe space weather Russia may block web anonymizers North Korea tightens controls at China border Each is accompanied by an image. Details and transmission schedule:   (Kim Elliott via dxld yg)

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VOA Radiogram, 7-8 Feb 2015

VOA Radiogram, 7-8 Feb 2015: This weekend’s news is about media restrictions, disruptions, and blockages. In MFSK32, mostly.Details and transmission schedule: (Kim Elliott via dxld yg)   On this weekend’s VOA Radiogram, we will again transmit the MFSK32 once, followed by a 30-second tuning signal. Listeners have suggested another possible solution when the RxID causes Fldigi to tune to …

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di Giovanni Lorenzi, IT9TZZ Non ho mai nascosto la mia passione per il BroadCastingListening e il piacere che ricavo della corrispondenza con le stazioni che ascolto. Il contatto diretto, svolto, un tempo, esclusivamente tramite posta tradizionale, adesso potrebbe essere esplicato anche per via telematica. In tutti i casi si dovrà inviare un rapporto di ricezione che valuti la qualità dell’ascolto …

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VOA Radiogram, Nov 29-20: Dim the lights

VOA Radiogram this weekend includes news about dimming lights on Earth to improve the view of the night sky. All in MFSK32 except for this weekend’s “bonus mode,” MT63-2000L. There will also be MFSK64 this weekend from The Mighty KBC, including an Flmsg transmission. Details at … See MFSK32 images received by VOA Radiogram listeners around the world Nov …

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Mighty KBC

Just a reminder about the Mighty KBC on Sunday, November 9, 2014. 7375 kHz via Nauen, Germany. Still on the same UT time of 0000-0200. However, with the recent time shift in North America the broadcast is 1 hour earlier local time. That’s 1900 ET (7 PM EST) in North America (once again still 0000-0200 UTC).  Today’s “Forgotten Song” features …

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VOA Radiogram, Nov 1-2: 300 wpm via shortwave?

VOA Radiogram during the weekend on November 1-2 will include a test of the 8PSK-125 mode. At 315 wpm, can it withstand the rigors of shortwave propagation? You will need Fldigi 3.22.01 to decode the 8PSK-125. And in our usual MFSK32 modes, news about the failed Antares rocket launch, solar power Tunisia will supply Europe, and a cleaner way to …

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