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Shortwave Radiogram, 5-7 April 2019

Apologies for the missing transmission last weekend on 9400 kHz. I hope the Saturday’s 1400 UTC broadcast is heard this without mishap. During the broadcasts that were heard, our experiment with simultaneous English and Spanish text, using side-by-side MFSK32 streams, worked well. The dual audio caused mixing products that made the signal look somewhat messy on spectrum displays, but this …

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Unique Radio in DRM via WINB

Unique Radio is using DRM via WINB Red Lion PN USA ON 15120 KHz 14:00 – 15:00 hrs UTC Wednesday ,Thursdays and Fridays Please address all reception reports with detail to Tim @

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AIR All India Radio DRM

Confermato anche questo servizio per il periodo estivo. Si acclude solo screenshot, audio assente nonostante il segnale 9+20. Questo è il difetto principale del DRM: non si può fare valere l’esperienza riuscendo a cavare dai segnalini analogici i contenuti della trasmissione perchè, nel caso specifico dei segnali digitali, si ascolta soltanto un forte rumore frusciante. Condizioni di lavoro: Yaesu FRG-7 …

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Radio Kuwait DRM

Confermo un ottimo segnale, potente e qualitativamente apprezzabile di Radio Kuwait in un programma in lingua araba il 1 aprile 2019 alle 1125 UTC su 15110 kHz, in attesa di ricevere lo schedule generale delle trasmissioni in DRM, da vagliare poi molto attentamente. —  ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 29-31 March 2019

Slow Scan Radio has been transmitting two streams of text simultaneously. We have tried this a few times on VOA/Shortwave Radiogram, and will try it again this weekend. Near the end the half hour will be a simultaneous transmission of a news item from in two languages, both in MFSK32, with the English version centered on 1500 Hz and …

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The Mighty KBC special DRM transmission

Media Broadcast from Nauen, Germany will conduct special DRM transmissions directed to the DRM General Assembly Meeting in Spain. March 26 and 27 10-11 UTC 13670 kHz with 100 kW at 210 degrees. Program will be The Mighty KBC, might include Journaline data as well.

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Shortwave Radiogram, 22-24 March 2019: Not worried about a budget cut because we have no budget

Last week’s Shortwave Radiogram was very colorful, except for the two gray-scale (also known as grey-scale) images, which were very “blackandwhiteful”. See one example below and many more at or @SWRadiogram on Twitter. However, apologies for the malfunction last weekend on 9400 kHz. It sounded like CW, but I don’t think it was. The problem was resolved before the …

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Digital Radio Mondiale Preps for General Assembly

Digital Radio Mondiale’s 2019 General Assembly will take place March 26–27 at the Palma Bellver Bay Meliá Hotel in Mallorca, Spain. Under the theme “Digital Radio Mondiale Drives Forward,” the event will provide the opportunity for the consortium to review the past year and set the strategy and working plan for next year. It will also give DRM members and …

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15640 kHz DRM test from Tashkent UZB – did not take place on March 20.

UZBEKISTAN 15640 DRM test March 20. RRTM RED Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center will do a DRM test on Wednesday March 20th from 1430-1500 UT on 15640 kHz. Depending upon the result they may switch the frequency of the planned test on March 26th to a frequency in the 17 MHz range. (via Hans Johnson-FL-USA, dxld March 19) UZBEKISTAN 15640 …

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RNZI’ DRM schedule

RNZI’s DRM schedule is now: 1651-1750 5975 Sun-Fri 1751-1850 7330 Sun-Sat 1851-1958 9780 Sun-Fri Notice that they are on every day now from 1751-1850 and that they no longer have DRM 1951-2050, which had been on 11690 kHz. @drmdigitalradio

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Media Broadcast from Nauen, DRM tests for The Mighty KBC

Media Broadcast from Nauen, Germany will conduct special @drmdigitalradio transmissions directed to the DRM General Assembly Meeting. Mar 26 and 27 10-11 UTC 13670 kHz with 50 or 100 kW at 210 degrees. Program will be The Mighty KBC, might include Journaline data as well.

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DRM tests from Woofferton

Now @drmdigitalradio tests from Woofferton are planned for march 26th and 27th: 1200-1300 UTC 11780 kHz 1500-1600 UTC 11790 kHz Programming will be @bbcworldservice . This is for the General Assembly meeting of the DRM Consortium.

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