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Shortwave Radiogram, 15-17 February 2019: Digital modes that survive dust storms

The International Space Station is transmitting SSTV again this weekend, until Sunday at  1725 UTC, on the usual 145.8 MHz (FM).   From your reports, I learned that last weekend’s Shortwave Radiogram segment of Olivia 64-2000 succeeded when the MFSK32 and 64 showed errors due to poor reception conditions.For most listeners, reception was good enough that the Olivia 64-2000 was not …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 8-10 February 2019

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is in MFSK32 and MFSK64, and a brief segment in Olivia 64-2000. If your signal is so bad that you can’t hear anything, try the Olivia 64-2000 anyway, at seven minutes into the show, and you might see text printing out. For details: Separate from this weekend’s normal broadcast, today (Friday) at 1500-1530 UTC there …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 1-3 February 2019: And the winner is …

There will be a special edition of Shortwave Radiogram today (Friday), on the WINB (Pennsylvania) DRM transmission only, at 1500-1530 UTC on 13690 kHz. See details below. All the other transmissions (analog) of Shortwave Radiogram this weekend will be the usual mix of MFSK32 and MFSK64. On this weekend’s “normal” Shortwave Radiogram, the winner of the Tecsun Radios Australia decoding …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 25-27 January 2019

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is in MFSK32 and MFSK64, with nine images and some Bulgarian text … The first broadcast of the weekend is soon at 1500-1530 UTC on 13690 kHz DRM from WINB Pennsylvania. Best bet for decoding is receivers in southern Europe, but receivers in western North America are also worth a try. Kim

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Radio DAB+: la Rai amplia la copertura al nord

Nell’ultimo periodo la radio digitale DAB+ ha continuato a registrare nuove accensioni di ripetitori e nuove emittenti affiliate alla tecnologia digitale, però è ancora molto lontana la completa copertura del territorio. In particolare proprio la Rai era rimasta indietro rispetto agli altri operatori, con molti buchi anche nelle regioni settentrionale. Ora è tempo di rimediare con l’accensione di nuovi ripetitori: in dettaglio gli impianti …

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AIR e Radio Kuwait in DRM

Ottimi segnali DRM di AIR su 7550 alle 1930 e di Radio Kuwait su 15540 kHz alle 1920 UTC. Ricevitore Yaesu FRG-7000 e antenna dipolo. Convertitore autocostruito.  —  ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> page>

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Radio Kuwait 15110 kHz DRM

Ottimo segnale DRM di Radio Kuwait ricevuto dalle 0955 alle 1015 sulla frequenza di 15110 kHz il 5 gennaio 2019.  Condizioni di lavoro: Yaesu FRG-7000 e antenna dipolo. Convertitore 455/12 kHz per DRM autocostruito.QTH: Messina Buoni ascolti e 73 de Giovanni  —  ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> page> …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 4-6 January 2019

Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is in MFSK32 and MFSK64, with eight images.   Thanks for many good reports to Shortwave Radiogram last weekend to close out 2018. Some submitted images are below. Other results can be seen at our Twitter account @SWRadiogram or   Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 81, 4-6 January 2019, in MFSK modes as …

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The DRM Consortium will highlight its recent achievements under the overarching theme “DRM Drives Forward” at the international BES (Broadcast Engineering Society – conference and exhibition BES EXPO 2019 on terrestrial and satellite broadcasting at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 110002, India, 17-19 January 2019. BES EXPO is rated as the biggest broadcast technology show in India with nearly 300 …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 21-23 December 2018: Municipal Christmas decorations in MFSK64

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. And I hope you can spare some time from your holiday activities for Shortwave Radiogram this weekend. News: John Piek is planning an extra transmission of his Slow Scan Radio on 26 December. See details below. Videos of last weekend’s Shortwave Radiogram (program  ) are provided by Scott in Ontario (Friday 2030-2100 UTC) …

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Shortwave Radiogram, 14-16 December 2018: Transatlantic digital modes, no kite required for reception

Last weekend’s introduction of the Tecsun Radios Australia image decoding competition brought much new interest in Shortwave Radiogram. Good! And it brings advertising revenue to help WRMI defray the costs of shortwave broadcast transmission – and that helps keep shortwave alive.   More information about the competition at the Tecsun Radios Australia blog …   With …

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KTWR special Christmas DRM broadcasts

The staff at KTWR wanted to give listeners with DRM receivers a Christmas gift this year. I have attached the schedule for our 2018 Christmas DRM broadcasts. We will be doing stereo mode B 64 QAM to Japan and ANZ/SP and mono mode A 16QAM to India. The latter set-up seems to be the best way to get decent audio …

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