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All India Radio AIR 7550 kHz DRM

All India Radio AIR 7550 kHz DRM since 03-Aug-2018: 1745-2230 UT to Europe 2245-0045 UT to Asia Channel 1 = GOS-IV Channel 2 = VIVIDH BHARATI Find more details in the updated DRM Shortwave Schedule: (Alexander Busneag, Germany via WOR io group)

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Test on 6030 khz DRM from China

Since 23rd Jul. test DRM on 6030 kHz became a regular test transmission. The schedule is 2025-1805 UTC. It is just a domestic broadcasting test. We will update the requirement into B18 HF broadcasting schedules. And in the test period, the normal AM transmission on 6030 kHz will be shut down. In the near future, there may be more and …

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AWR Wavewscan & Unique Radio testing on WINB DRM

AWR’s Wavescan testing in DRM starting Aug 3rd – Mondays and Fridays 1630-1700 UTC on 15670 kHz. @SWWINB will QSL, especially looking for audio files (you can record with Dream) of reception, reports to ———- Unique Radio will be testing on WINB DRM – 1100-1200 UTC 15670 kHz August 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31st. Directed to Western Europe …

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The norvegian DAB fiasco will become a major political issue

Experience so far leaves no doubt that the closure of the FM network and the introduction of DAB is a tragedy for the Norwegian people. The Storting parliamentarian and media spokesperson for the Center Party, Ã…slaug Sem-Jacobsen, writes this in response to Frp (Progress Party) Thorleif Fluer Vikre, in a debate article published in several regional newspapers in Norway. Before …

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China National Radio began domestic shortwave test broadcasting on July 24.

They transmit “Voice of China” (domestic 5th program) on 6030 kHz at 2025-1805 UT until the end of 2018. The transmission will be stopped at 0600-0900 UT on Tuesdays for transmitter maintenance. The main target area is North China, but expected to be audible in all over China. The transmitter of 6030 kHz has originally 100 kW of power, but …

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Radio Kuwait e Radio Romania Int DRM

Radio Romania International il 12 7 2018 dalle 1730 alle 1745 trasmette su 9760 kHz in DRM il programma dedicato ai rapporti di ricezione degli ascoltatori. Segnale ottimo. Allegato screenshot e clip audio. Radio Kuwait in DRM su 13650 kHz in arabo dalle 1755 alle 1805 il 12 luglio 2018 con segnale ottimo. Allegato screenshot (potevano fare meglio i  tecnici …

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Russia might have digital radio in a couple of years

Digital radio broadcasting in Russia may begin in the next two to four years, according to a Radio 1 correspondent who spoke to the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Radio, Yuri Kostin. “It can happen within two years, it can happen in four years – it all depends on the development of technology. The introduction of the DRM + …

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DRM Test of 2nd New TX at AIR Delhi

All India Radio is going to test DRM broadcast with FM Gold program from their 2nd new 100 kW transmitter at Kingsway, New Delhi at 0400-0600 UTC (0930-1130 IST) on 7505 kHz towards eastern India between 2nd July and 4th July (3 days). Via Alok Kr Dasgupta Weak signals noted at my location Hyderabad today 2 July 2018, not decoding …

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AIR DRM test on 7505 kHz

All India Radio is going to test DRM b’cast with Gold FM programs from their 2nd new 100kw transmitter at 0400-0600 UTC on 7505kHz towards Eastern India between 2nd July and 4th July (3 days). (via Alok Dasgupta)

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AIR DRM tests

All India Radio, Delhi will be testing the newly installed 100 kW SW transmitter in DRM Mode on June 5th & 6th, 2018 as per below schedule : 0400-0630 UTC (0930-1200 IST) on 9950 kHz beamed to S. India (Pure DRM Channel A Urdu Service, Channel B FM Rainbow.) Reception reports on the testing of the newly installed 100 kW …

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WINB Testing in DRM mode

America’s Oldest Commercial Shortwave Station Testing in DRM WINB, America’s oldest commercial shortwave station, is testing in DRM via two transmitters. The test transmissions are directed to both parts of Europe and North America. A new ASI transmitter, a CE-50000WS, is on the following test schedule: Monday-Friday 1100-1700 UT on 15670 kHz. The transmitter is rated at 15 kW and …

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Special DRM TX from Spaceline Today (18 April)

BULGARIA. Spaceline Bulgaria will have a special DRM transmission today, 18 April, from 1200-1400 on 11600kHz (including an old Mighty KBC show between 1200-1300UT). From SpaceLine (shortwave.airtime) Facebook page: “On April 18 Space Line supporting Digital Radio Mondiale will air special show @ 11600 kHz, 12.00-14.00 UTC in DRM mode targeting Mallorca and Spain for the Digital Radio Mondiale consorcium …

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