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Radio Bata 5005 kHz, one month out of air

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 5005, Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, one month out of air. Not heard since 21 December in the early morning, when it usually opened transmission at about 0515 with African, Afropop and Spanish songs, at 0530 program “Panorama Nacional” and news bulletin at 0601, all in Spanish. Not heard either in the afternoon, when it usually closed …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: CHN / ALB observations

Re Albania CRI European relay site Cerrik broadcasts.. I don’t believe that the Cerrik relay is on air again y e t ! These ADDITIONAL SCHEDULE outlets originate NOT FROM ALBANIA at present. In past 14 days !! I also observed these additional French (and others) on 7360 and 7385 kHz from MAINLAND CHINA bcast center sites, propagate far away …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: log Jan 19 at 00.30 to 01.30 UT

On Jan 19 at 00.30 to 01.30 UT, heard in remote SDR rxs in Switzerland and New Delhi India South Asia subcontinental station. 5779.996 U.K./IRL (?) Pirate station ‘Radio Harmony’ soft oldies. English Waltz music of the previous century 20ties, S=8 at 00.30 UT on Jan 19. Historical recordings. 8.8 kHz wideband audio block modulation. 5800even USA WRMI likely SMTV …

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Ascolti AM Treviso 19 gennaio

6005 19/1 0627 BBC WS Radio, Ascension Nx Px E 45554 6030 19/1 0628 Radio Martì, Greenville Mx E 35543 6080 19/1 0629 Voice Of America, STP-Pinheira Mx E 35544 6155 19/1 0630 R. Österreich 1 International, Moosbrunn Px D 45554 9610 19/1 1002 AWR Europe, Nauen Px <Obiettivo DX> It 45544 819 19/1 1205 Radio Diffusione Europea, Trieste “Px …

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Log Roberto Pavanello

639 15/1 19.20 R.N.E. R.1 – Bilbao SS NX reg. Pais Vasco suff. 729 14/1 19.20 R.N.E. R.1 – Logrono SS NX reg. La Rioja suff. 774 18/1 11.10 R. Zainet – Milano IT MX buono 1010 19/1 00.30 WINS – New York EE talk suff. 1017 16/1 19.20 R.N.E. R.5 – Burgos SS NX reg. Castilla y Leon buono …

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Anker Petersen Tips from Denmark

Dear DX-friends, Here are my latest loggings from Skovlunde on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of shortwave antenna: 3915 2250-2255 15.1 CLA Voice of the People, via Goyang, South Korea Ex 3910 Korean ann, songs – Totally drowning BBC, SNG 34433 // 3485 (33333), 3930 (34433) and 4450 (32332) all 4 fq’s jammed ! AP-DNK 3945 2255-2300 15.1 CLA …

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Stations heard in Friol yesterday between 1510 to 1730

ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 1530-1610, 17-01, at first very weak, audible on USB, Spanish with Argentinian acent, comments, “Este partido será transmitido por Radio Nacional”, male, soccer comments, but at 1555 fair and clear signal, Argentinian soccer news, at 1600 time signals, “Nacional informa”, news, relaying Radio Nacional. Weak to fair signal. Video …

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Wolfgang Bueschel log

On Jan 18 heard in remote SDR rxs in Massachusetts, Cape Canaveral, Bonaire, Paraguay, and Sao Paulo Atlantic Ocean coast station. 4954.993 PRU Likely R Cultural Amauta, Huanta – in DBS_21 mentioned “CVC La Voz en radio Huanta 2000”, “Desde la ciudad de Huanta, en la Cordillera de los Andes, esta es Radio Cultural Amauta”. poor S=6 signal string at …

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LRA 36 on air now, 1530, heard in Friol

ANTARTIDA, 15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 1530, 17-01, very weak, audible on USB, Spanish with Argentinian acent, comments, “Este partido será transmitido por Radio Nacional”, male, soccer comments. Video of LRA 36 at 1558:!At0tJSKTrzqVsCjw6Z_EScRkLGrY?e=Xv5dLD I sent this video to the LRA 36 operator and he tell me he is testing the transmitter today all …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: log on Jan 13

more morning SW logs of Jan 13, taken in remote SDR rx in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Kuwait and Doha Qatar too. 6005 MDC Madagascar R Tamazuj / 6015 DOL TZA Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation from Dole Zanzibar see below. 5910even CUB CRI Cantonese via China Latin American relay at Quivican San Felipe Titan site of RadioCuba. S=9 in CeEUR and …

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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

was “6015 kHz. heard with three stations mixing together…” MADAGASCAR/TANZANIA_ZANZIBAR log this UTC morning Jan 13 at 03.22 UT onwards: Split of co-channel 6015 MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility and Zanzibar outlet IS SUCCESSFUL ACTION so far today: 6005 kHz R Tamazuj from MDC Talata Volonondry started 1st try TX on air at 03.27:25 UTC, but only for short …

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Stations heard in Friol

ANGOLA, 4949.7, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 1925-1940, 11-01, Portuguese, comments. 15321. BOLIVIA, 3310, Radio Mosoj Chasqui, Cotapachi, 0002-0010, 12-01, Quechua, comments. 25322. BRAZIL 4875, Radiodifusora Roraima, Boa Vista, 2103-2116, 11-01, Portuguese, comments. 25322. 4885, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0510-0526, 12-01, Brazilian songs. 35433. 4985, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 2104.2118, 11-01, Brazilian songs. // 11815. 15321. 6010, Radio Inconfidencia, …

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