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WBCQ checked in 23.30 to 23.45 UT time range this May 8th

USA WBCQ checked in 23.30 to 23.45 UT time range this May 8th. WBCQ Monticello test txion from Maine border next to New Brunswik Canada ? But seemingly not today, see odd fq outlets in poor signals level. 3264.880 kHz … wandered up and down x.920 kHz, talk program in English, like scheduled in Nagoya Aoki userlist Perseus: “Just Right” …

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Voice of Indonesia (3325 kHz.) with audio

Voice of Indonesia, chequed now (1620-1705, 08-05) via SDR Kiwi in Jakarta, Indonesia, on air on 3325.00 and 4749.94 with program in Arabic, Arabic comments, and Indonesian songs,at 1700 program in Spanish, id. “Voice of Indonesia”, “La Voz de Indonesia”, “El programa en España, comenzamos con las noticias, en onda corta, 3325 kHz”. Very good signal on 3325 and weak …

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Wolfgang Bueschel log

Checked 41 mb at New Delhi remote SDR unit at 09.00-09.31 UT on May 8 7240even CHN PBS Xizang, Lhasa Tibet, lovely sweet Chinese music program. S=9+10dB signal strength. 7245 kHz NIL. Tajikistan seemingly not on air… 7265.001 UNID signal, technical check tone, S=9+5 at 09.06 UT ? Baoji-CHN ? 7275even CHN PBS Xinjiang Urumqi in Uyghur language, poor S=7 …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: TRT Emirler log may 7

TURKEY TRT Emirler services noted 10-11 UT on May 7: 9655.692 kHz TRT Georgian 10.00-11.00 UT S=8-9 in Moscow Russia remote SDR. 9855.006 kHz TRT Tatar 10.00-10.30 UT S=7-8 in Doha Qatar 11675.006 kHz TRT Turkish mx, S=9+10dB noted in Doha Qatar. 13635.006 kHz TRT Turkish mx, S=9+10dB noted in Moscow and Finland remotes. 13650.009 kHz TRT Uzbekish, 10.30-11.00 UT, …

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Log 12.37 to 14.00 UT on May 5th, remote SDR’s in Moscow Russia, Delhi India, Nagoya Gifu and Tokyo Japan

TAJIKISTAN Frequency of Voice of Tibet Dushanbe Yangi Yul 1230-1241 NF9886 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan At 1237 UT on May 5: S=9+10dB -71dBm in Moscow Russia, S=9+30dB -41dBm in New Delhi India, S=9+10dB -71dBm in Nagoya Gifu, or Tokyo Japan, 15 kHz wideband audio block. 1241-1306 NF9894 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan At …

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Stations heard in Friol

ANGOLA, 4949.7, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 1853-1910, 04-05, Portuguese, religious comments. 15221.   BOLIVIA 3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0015-0023, 05-05, Quechua, comments. 25222.   5952.4, Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, Llallagua (presumed), 0017-0024, 05-05, comments, only audible on LSB. Extremely weak, barely audible.   BRAZIL, 4885, Radiodifusora Acreana, Rio Branco, 0515-0612, 05-05, Brazilian songs, some songs in Spanish, id. “Radiodifusora …

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Log Roberto Pavanello

774 5/5 08.30 R. Città del Capo – Bologna IT NX buono 1035 23/4 22.10 Lyca Dilse R. – London EE MX Indiana buono ( no in // a 1458 ) 1053 23/4 22.00 COPE – Zaragoza SS ID e pubblicità locale buono 1215 30/4 22.03 COPE – Cordoba SS ID e pubblicità locale suff. 1224 29/4 22.00 COPE – …

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WBCQ checked in 07.50 to 08.35 UT

USA WBCQ checked in 07.50 to 08.35 UT time range this May 5th. 3264.939 kHz, light mx program S=5 or -97dBm in Rochester NY. S=6 or -92dBm in Hanson, MA. S=6 or -91dBm in Detroit MI. NIL in Cape Canaveral Florida, and tiny poor in Edmonton Alberta CAN. Nearby WWCR TOM BS roarer on 3215even kHz channel, S=9+25dB at -49dBm …

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Unique Radio on ari via WINB, Red Lion, 9265 kHz

USA, 9265, Unique Radio via WINB, Red Lion, 1730, 04-05, English, id. “WINB,Red Lion…”, Unique Radio “Sounds of your Life”. 25422. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Log in Friol Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters

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Wolfgang Bueschel: WBCQ tests log

USA  WBCQ checked in 15.50 to 16.02 UT time range this May 4th. 7490 exact even fq test, only carrier, no audio S=7   or -93dBm in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. S=7-8 or -86dBm in Detroit MI. S=6   or -89dBm in Rochester NY. S=8   or -79dBm in Hanson, MA. Nothing heard in Cape Canaveral Florida. 9330.085 kHz TOM BS …

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Ascolti AM Treviso 5 maggio

9610 5/5 0902 AWR Europe, Nauen Px <Obiettivo DX> It 55555 9610 5/5 1359 R. Voce della Turchia, Emirler Info Id It 45454 9690 5/5 1514 R. Exterior Espana, Noblejas Px Deporte Es 45444 9750 5/5 1520 NHK World R. Japan, Yamata Px J 35433 9975 5/5 1521 Nippon no kaze, PLW-Medor Px K 45433 11670 5/5 1523 R. Exterior …

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Stations heard in Reinante

BRAZIL 4885, Radiodifusora Acreana, Rio Branco, 0526-0615, 30-04, Brazilian songs. Interference from Radio Clube do Pará on the same frequency. Cheked with its online program and matches, the same musical program online and the one that I heard on 4885. Unusual on air at this time. 21421.   4885, Radio Cube do Pará, Belém, 0526-0615. 30-04, Portuguese, comments, id. “Radio …

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