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Atlantic 2000 International on air on 6070 with Radio Andorra program

GERMANY, 6070, Atlantic 2000 Internationl, Rohrbach, *0759, 10-08, id. “Atlantic 2000 International”, French, special program about Radio Andorra, famous identification of the station: “Aqui Radio Andorra, emisora del Principado de Andorra”. 25322. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Log in Lugo Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters

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Wolfgang Bueschel log of Aug 9th

Log of Aug 9th remote SDR unit access, in Detroit MI state and in Austria Europe, in 49 Meterband 5829.987 USA WTWW English presenter in action, S=9+30dB signal noted in Detroit at 05.50 UT. 5899.990 UNIDentified signal, S=7 at 05.49 UT, mayby EXCITER signal only from WRMI Okeechobee FL ? Sao Tome aligned odd / even: 6080.028 STP VOA English, …

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Carlos Gonçalves, SW coast of PORTUGAL logs July 25-Aug 5

Observações OCurta 25Jul-05Ago. (Efectuadas na costa sudoeste). ANGOLA 4949,8 RNA-Canal “A”, Mulenvos, 2121-2131, 29/7. Chamadas de ouvintes; 35242. AUSTRÁLIA 6230BLS Estação Meteorológica VMW, Wiluna, Austr. Ocidental, 1802-…, 30/7. Avisos; 25332. // 8113. 6507BLS Estação Meteorológica VMC, Charleville, Queensland, 1831-…, 31/7. Avisos (?); 15331. 8113BLS Estação Meteorológica VMW, Wiluna, Austr. Ocidental, 1804-…, 30/7. Avisos; 15331; // 6230. 8176BLS Estação Meteorológica VMC, …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: Voice of Nigeria

NIGERIA 11769.904 kHz noted VoNigeria Abuja in English when checked 1845-1858 UT on August 4th. At 18.57 UT heard station annmt with times by female presenter in English. S=9+25dB or -51dBm proper signal tonight here in central Europe SDR unit. 73 wb df5sx NOAA Space Weather figures: # UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest # Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp …

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Radio Romania International more observations

at 14.30 UT: 5910even RRI Mac-Romanian/Aromanian lang via 100kW Saftica site,          S=9+20dB in CeEUR SDR. 7355     TIG  RRI German 14-15 UT  OFF AIR.  <<<<<<<<<<<< 9600even TIG  RRI German 14-15 UT S=9+40dB powerhouse excellent signal. 9490even GAL  RRI Romanian afternoon sce to Western Europe   via RadioCom broadcast center Galbeni, noted at 14.39 UT   …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: Radio Romania International observations

ROMANIA RRI Bucharest Arabic sce at 0630 UT only heard via two units at RadioCom Galbeni site at 140degr azimuth to NE/ME on 9770 and 11980 kHz both were properly on air, but both 247degr azi channels of Tiganesti 9740 and 11970 kHz were OFF AIR at 06.40 UT August 4th. 73 wb ROMANIA RRI Bucharest SUNDAY ONLY service “Curierul …

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TRT Emirler on air again on August 4th, 05-07 UT slot:

TURKEY TRT Emirler on air again on August 4th, 05-06 UT slot: 6040.004 kHz TRT Emirler Turkish program little disturbed audio, noted S=9+5dB in CeEUR, despite azimuth is 138degr towards NE/ME, S=9+10dB strong monitored at remote SDR in Doha Qatar at 05.37 UT. 11980.004 kHz S=9+45dB powerhouse (310degr azi) in WeEUR, S=9+10dB in Doha Qatar ME. 13765.023 kHz towards West …

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Something’s always wrong at TRT Voice of Turkey Emerler transmitting station

TURKEY At 21.15 UT Aug 3rd only this single service via SW ON AIR: 9620.021 kHz Emirler TRT in English towards South Asia. 2030-2130 UT 39-41,49,54,55,58-60 EMR 500 105 Eng TUR TRT S=9+35dB signal strength in Delhi India remote SDR. S=9+25dB in Doha Qatar remote SDR. 21.22 UT Turkish typical string instrument folk music. 21.26 UT end of En sce, …

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Stations heard in Friol

BRAZIL 4875, Radiodifusora Roraima, Boavista, 2201-2240, 02-08, Portuguese, comments, Brazilian songs. 15321. 6010, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 2302-2310, 02-08, Portuguese, comments. Very weak. 14311. BOLIVIA 3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 2238-2310, 02-08, Bolivian songs, Quechua, comments. 15321. 6134.9, Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2220-2245, 02-08, Spanish, comments, female, male. Very weak. 14311. CANADA, 6070, CFRX, Toronto, 0507-0524, …

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Radio Jeans Network SV 1602 kHz

Ascolti AM (orari UTC) 1602.0 02.08.19 1802 I R. JEANS, SV, px “Le venti in jeans”. G-F LBF 1602.0 02.08.19 2003 I R. JEANS, SV, px “Centri Aggregazione della Liguria” G-F LBF Gli annunci sono stati regolarmente registrati. L’impianto dovrebbe essere già attivo a Savona secondo il sito *** Luca Botto Fiora (SWL I1-0799GE) QTH: Rapallo (Genova) – Italia …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: new VOA Rohingya language program

PHILIPPINES/THAILAND New VOA Rohingya Language Program checked on August 2nd on remote SDR unit in New Delhi India: 9310even kHz carrier from IBB BBG US relay in northeastern Thailand already on air at 11.27 UT. At 11.29:15 UT program start with VoA relay site ID and followed by “Yankee Doodle” melody til 11.30 UT, S=9+35dB or -47dBm proper signal in …

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Log of Monday July 29, at 19-20 UT time slot

15770even USA WRMI likely SMTV scheduled, S=8 or -78dBm signal strength noted in Doha Qatar at 1903 UT on July 29. 15660even STP VoA in probably Tigre language, Mon-Fri 19.00-19.30 UT, HoA typical music singer at 19.15 UT, S=9 or -74dBm on remote SDR unit at Doha Qatar Middle East. 15490even ASC BBC London in Tigre, S=9+25dB or -53dBm signal …

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