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Wolfgang Bueschel: Log of Febr 18

At 0130 UT on remote SDR unit at New Jersey-US state on east coast: 7280even UZB TWR India, at 01.24 UT Febr 18 heard typical Himalaya area Nepalese origin mx, S=9+10dB in NJ-US. Final TWR announcement interval signal theme at 01.29:55 UT, and followed by RRTM RED Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center TX switch OFF at 01.30:07 UT. 7315even USA …

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Unique Radio, 5045.00 LSB, Australia, on air

AUSTRALIA, 5045.00 LSB, Unique Radio, 0850-0915, 18-02, music, at 0900, English, program “International Radio Report, from Montreal, Canada”, news about radio. 25232. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Log via SDR Kiwi remote receivers in North New Zealand and Brisbane, Australia

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11530even Kurdish Radio Grigoriopol Maiac Moldova, two symmetrically spur signals accompanied Febr 18 0621 UT

MOLDOVA 11530even Kurdish Radio Voice of Welt (Radyo Denge Welat) via Bcast centers in use are different during daytime, via TDF Issoudun or Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac MDA. 11530even kHz, 300 kW 130degrees towards Kurdish nationals nations Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran of 38 millions target, this Febr 18th at 06.10-06.30 UT S=9+35 or -46dBm signal in remote Doha …

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MEX: XEPPM Radio Educacion

> measured 6185 precisely MEXICO 6185.002 kHz XEPPM at 0119 UT on Febr 8, poor signal as always. But suffered heavy adjacent signal 6180even CRI Beijing English service from Latin America relay site Cuban 250 kW relay at Quivican TITAM San Felipe S=9+45dB powerhouse, heard on remote SDR unit at NJ-US state. 73 wb —— MEXICO 6185.007 kHz, XEPPM R …

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Ascolti AM Treviso 17 febbraio

9610 17/2 1003 AWR Europe, Nauen Px <Obiettivo DX> It 45544 9610 17/2 1200 AWR KSDA Guam, Agat jingle ID E Px M 25522 9920 17/2 1213 FEBC Radio Manila, Iba Px rel. Rad 25522 9965 17/2 1216 T8WH Water of Life, PLW-Medor Px 35543 11760 17/2 1224 Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta Px”Correo del oyente” ES 35533 11865 17/2 1227 …

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Log Roberto Pavanello

783 13/2 18.00 COPE – Barcelona SS ID e programma por El dia de la radio buono 801 11/2 18.45 R.N.E. R.1 – Girona Catalano NX reg. Catalunya buono 990 11/2 23.02 R. Bilbao – SS ID e pubblicità locale buono 990 16/2 10.15 Z100 – Milano IT MX buono 1026 16/2 17.30 R. Tabriz – Farsi NX buono 1035 …

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Log of yesterday Friday Febr 15 at 12.30 to 14.30 UT slot

9975.004 GUM TWR Merizo Agana Guam, Vietnamese sce traced at remote Seoul Korea SDR unit, S=8 or -76dBm at 12.40 UT in KOR. 9949.810 IND much odd fq AIR Delhi Kingsway sce in Burmese language, 12.50 UT Febr 15. S=8 strength. 9919.980 PHL FEBC Manila from Iba site, Bahnar language according Aoki Nagoya database list, S=9+20dB at 12.53 UT. 9910.002 …

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Wolfgang Bueschel log

NEW ZEALAND One notices, the winter also goes to the end of the shortwave {northern} condition in the next 2 to 3 weeks, the spread on the long path will be over Pacific and Latin America from NZL to Europe to be close early in our European morning. 7330.006 kHz exact, just at 0945 UT I heard trumpet solo from …

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WBCQ log

At 0025 UT nothing on 9475 WTWW USA 9330.123 WBCQ Monticello ME border to New Brunswick Canada: S=5 or -96dBm weak signal i K2ZN Rochester NY unit remotedly connected. S=9+15dB -66dBm in Cape Canaveral FL state. at 0027 UT Febr 16. [selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 16)

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Log Voice of Nigeria

NIGERIA wonderful English language program audio from Abuja today Febr 14 at 1745 UT on 9689.920 kHz, S=8-9 or -77dBm signal here in southern Germany. And also at 1804 UT still on 2nd Abuja unit in DRM mode on 19 meterband: S=9+10dB data block of 10 kHz broadband, ‘notch snick’ central visible on 15119.861 kHz exact, and a separate ‘string’ …

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Voice of Nigeria

NIGERIA 9689.919 Nothing on DRM mode in 20-21 UT in Hausa from Abuja Nigeria. But AM mode instead. Best reception in Florida and Italy remotes. Most of central EUR SDR’s equal co-channel REE Noblejas football live transmission, on 9690.001 kHz. Nothing on 15120 kHz at 20 UT 73 wb

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Wolfgang Bueschel: log feb 13

Heard from 15.30 UT today 9990 kHz OTH Radar S=8 at 1540 UT on Febr 13. 9965even JCI T8WH Palau Medorn scheduled in Korean, Nippon no Kaze “il bon ue baram” S=9+10dB here in Europe, excellent propagation path this afternoon via Far East Asia, Central Siberia. On Febr 13 at 1542 UT. ARMENIA 9905 kHz “a bottomless impudence to produce …

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