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Log Roberto Pavanello

711 31/3 20.58 COPE – Murcia ID e pubblicità locale suff. 990 28/3 21.28 R. Bilbao – SS ID e pubblicità locale buono 999 29/3 22.04 COPE – Madrid SS ID e pubblicità locale buono 1026 31/3 21.03 BBC R. Cambridgeshire – Cambridge EE ID e MX suff. 1044 29/3 22.02 R. Valladolid – SS ID e pubblicità locale suff. …

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Cuba in esperanto

RHC Bauta in Esperanto – only Sunday half hour special at 07.00-07.30 UT 6100even frequency, noted at 07.05 UT, only fair signal S=7 or -84dB this morning, lower level to mention really in MI, NY, and NJ eastern US states, but S=9+10dB or -66dBm medium signal in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. S=8 or -79dB in Masset British Colombia Walt’s place, at …

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Voice of Nigeria on 11769.9

NIGERIA, 11769.9, Voice of Nigeria, Abuja Lugbe, 0637-0650, 04-04, Hausa, comments, mentioned “Nigeria”, African songs. 45444. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Log in Friol Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters

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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Tip: use R Kuwait DRM mode outlet of 11970 kHz this morning via Kiwi at KUWAIT Radio Kuwait in Arabic, – not En -, backlobe S=7-8 into Zakynthos Greece, 250 kW at 100degr azimuth scheduled (-10degr slewed) scheduled at 05.00-08.15 UT. But into South Asia at Delhi India much, much powerhouse like stronger: S=9+55dB or tremendous -18dBm signal in …

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LRA 36 on air

ANTARCTICA, 15476usb, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 1544-1516, 03-04, Spanish, female, comments, songs. Very weak to extremely weak, strong fading. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Log in Friol Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters

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Ascolti da Como

Un po’ di ascolti degli ultimi 10 giorni, con la tristezza nel cuore per la chiusura del servizio in spagnolo di Radio Tehran. Oggi, tra l’altro, ho ricevuto una QSL da All India Radio per un rapporto inviato nella primavera del 2020! [r] = Kenwood R-600 ed MLA-30+ [s] = Sony ICF7600DS e loop Tecsun AN-100 kHz ggmmaa UTC SINPO …

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Denge Welat log

MOLDOVA 11530 kHz Kurdish National Radio ‘Denge Welat’ from Belgium(?) bc-house, powerhouse signal at 06.45 UT via Grigoriopol Maiac site, and additionally two spurious signals of the smooth Kurdish singer heard on both sides symmetrically out of Maiac site on 11480.545 and 11579.455 kHz, not stable – frequency vagabunding around approx. 20 Hertz up and down at -112dBm level. [selected …

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5829.938 Iran TV, and 5829.986 WTWW Lebanon TV

UZBEKISTAN Yes, odd frequency 5th or 6th frequency faulty reserve transmitter in usage at Tashkent UZB now, also when checked on Thursday April 1. 11549.878 kHz at 09.54 UT, March 31. Two broadcast on 5830 kHz channel today. 5829.938 kHz odd fq from Taskent again, April 1st at 02-04 UT, IRN-oppos. n o t ARM via Yerevan Gavar site, but …

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More Iran observations

IRAN Some more central Asian language countries language sces: 17640 kHz IRIB in Hausa NOT ON AIR, checked in Oman, eastern Brazil and South Africa KIWI_net units. 12.20-12.50 UT. 9510.002 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Pashto, 12.50 UT S=9+10dB in Delhi India. 9710.007 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Urdu language, HQ prayer at 12.55 UT, S=9+25dB powerful into Delhi Perseus unit. 11700.006 …

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Iran observations

otros servicios de voz de IRIB todavía están “en movimiento” en onda corta. 5990.002 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Albanian, Marzo 29, 18.34 UT, S=9+35dB powerhouse. 7235.005 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Hausa to África occidental, 18.38 UTC, S=9+15dB 7325.004 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Albanian, 18.39 UT, S=9+5dB 5829.940 kHz IRN-oppos. ARM via Yerevan Gavar(?) site, Radio Iran International Londres program, 18.30 …

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CUBA ex9700 kHz, now 6165 kHz RHC Bauta, instead again, 0000-0700 UT ?

CUBA 5040even RHC Bauta in Spanish(!) 05-06 UT around 05.38 UT March 29. S=5-6 in British Colombia, Walt’s installation Haida Gwaii in Perseus Net. S=9 or -71dBm. RHC La Habana, English 05-07 UT on 6000 kHz Quivican S=9+15dB, and Bauta txs on 6060 6100, and 6165 kHz again (ex9700). 6000 kHz last only to switch off at 06.00 UT exact. …

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Wolfgang Bueschel log

CUBA RHC English left 9700 kHz channel for their ‘old’ channel 6165 kHz again, scheduled 0000-0600 UT? At 01.08 UT on March 29 noted via 6000even RHC Quivican and 6165even RHC Bauta site transmission (ex9700 kHz). Talk on Cuba discrimination … BRAZIL 6135.087 At 01.07 UT noted R Aparecida (tent.) BrasPort S=7 in Rochester NY and Edmonton Alberta remotedly. USA …

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