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Stations heard in Reinante

ANGOLA, 4949.7, Radio Nacional, Mulenvos, 2012-2020, 27-06, songs, Portuguese, comments. 15321.   BOLIVIA 3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0002-0010, 03-07, comments, Quechua. 15321.   6134.8, Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 0003-0018, 03-07, comments and songs. Very weak and QRM from Aparecida on 6135.1. 12311.   BRAZIL 4885, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0504-0533, 27-06, Portuguese, comments, id. …

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Ascolti AM Treviso 30/06

9610 30/6 0902 AWR Europe, Nauen Px <Obiettivo DX> It 55555 9610 30/6 1300 Reach Beyond Aus., Kununurra Jingle ID Mx Guj 15522 9610 30/6 1359 R. Voce della Turchia, Emirler Jingle ID It 55555 9690 30/6 1432 R. Exterior Espana, Noblejas Mx Es 45544 11940 30/6 1433 R. Exterior Espana, Noblejas Mx Es 45555 12030 30/6 1434 R. Exterior …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: Voice of Nigeria on 11770kHz

Checked all VoNIG 7255, 9690, 11770, and 15120 at 16.10 UT, but nil then, now 11769.903 kHz at 16.49 UT in western Europe SDR net S=9+10dB in Blackpool UK, S=9+15dB in Holland, S=9 signal in Hungary too. Now also 11769.903 kHz at 19.45 til 20.06 UT on June 29. In western Europe remote SDR net S=9+15dB in Blackpool UK, S=9+10dB …

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Radio Educación out of air

MEXICO, 6185, Radio Educación, Ciudad de México, seems to be out of air for the last three days, missing when I checked near closing time, 0430-0500. No audio and no carrier detected here in Reinante. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain

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Solomon Islands on 9545 kHz. – SIBC reactivated

SOLOMON ISLANDS at 04.40 UT on June 29 now at remote Brisbane Queensland SDR, nice S=8 or -77dBm signal, measured against WBCQ 9330even S=8-9, WRMI 9395.000 similar and WWVH 10 MHz, now exact / closer to 9544.998 1/2 kHz at 0453 UT on June 29. Grayline easterly of near Samoa and Auckland NZL, SOLOMON ISLANDS Similar poor threshold level too, …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: WMR and unid pirate log

DENMARK 5839.991 kHz at 18.55 UT in England remotedly heard, S=8-9 or -78dBm, 7 kHz broadband in peaks. Station annmt by female voice at 18.55:18 UT. nearby UNID PIRATE stn? 5810.000 exact fq Reggae music. S=9+5dB at 18.50 UT 10 kHz wideband excellent audio. Time pips 14 seconds too late at 19 UT. BrDXC-UK Communication magazine June 2019 mentioned 5810 …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba and Brazil observations

CUBA 11850even RHC Spanish to Chile, TX #3 at Quivican San Felipe TITAN bcast center at 170degr azimuth antenna #9. Seemingly a DX antenna of HRS4/4/0.9 characteristic. Nothing noted on ‘nearby distance’ MI or NJ, NY state SDR remotes. But QUI 11850 kHz fundamental and two spurious on even 11840 and 11860.0 kHz noted far away distance in Alberta Canada …

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Radio Bata, 5005 on air now with extended program today

ECUATORIAL GUINEA, 5005, Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, 1850-1943 , 26-06, Vernacular comments, female, male, African songs. Extended program, at 1905 id. “Música, educación, entretenimiento, en Radio Bata”, more African songs, Spanish, program, “Por qué tenemos que estudiar”. Usual closing time 1700. Extremely weak, best on LSB. 15321. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Logs in Reinante Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, …

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Wolfgang Bueschel log

ANGOLA 4949.733 Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos-AGL, S=5-6 poor at -89dBm at 2303 UT on June 23, noted in Blackpool, Texel Holland, and Amberg Bavaria SDR units. CUBA 11670 when checked RHC Bauta crash start at 22.56:40 UT towards Brazil Rio de Janeiro 130 degrees, noted “Spanish Number lady transmission” broadcast faulty mistakenly here on this RHC unit for 2 …

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Stations heard in Friol

ANGOLA, 4949.7, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 1839-1940, 22-06, African songs, Portuguese, comments, id. “Radio Nacional de Angola”, male, female, “Transmite a Radio Nacional de Angola”, at 1900 time signals, news, at 1930 sport news. 15321.   BOLIVIA 3310, Radio Mosoj Chasqui, Cotapachi, 2345-0006, 22-06, Quechua, comments, Bolivian songs. 15321.   5952.4, Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, 2250-0004, 22-06, carrier …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: WBCQ observations

Checked also yesterday night reception of even 9330.000 new WBCQ unit, but not sure in which direction the revolving antenna azimuth set, signal was seemingly in range 135 to 150 kW. A proper 500 kW full power ‘feels different’… June 22 at 23.04 UT S=9+10dB or -68dBm in U.K., BEL, HOL, Bavarian remote SDR units. S=8 in Austria and Hungary. …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: British Antarctic Survey Annual Midwinter broadcast observations

ASCENSION ISLS / U.K. British Antarctic Survey Annual Midwinter broadcast from BBC London program start 21.30:11 UT. 7360 kHz covered by Vatican Radio Santa Maria di Galeria from 21.00 UT in Portuguese language. Latter S=9+10dB. No QRM, but adjacent 7345 kHz CNR1 Beijing, RTTY High Speed UTE 7372.9 to 7373.1 kHz. Heavy digital STANAG signal on 5870.9 to 5874.1 kHz …

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