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Irish pirate radio archive

The Irish pirate radio archive has today launched a new series on the history of Irish pirate stations located in Counties Louth and Meath in the northeast. Many of these stations such as Radio Carousel and Boyneside Radio were received by DXers in the UK. The Louth stations in particular were important because they deliberately beamed their signals at …

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FRS 40 years Summer Event in July/ August 2020

Sunday July 19th will see the kick off of the FRS 40 years ‘Summer Splash’ Event. Opposite to previous years, FRS will be on air on three consecutive Sunday evenings. All programmes will be thematic, like we did in the past few years. Instead of full programming, each of these Sunday evenings will last two hours and will be aired …

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Short tests this evening for Radio Spaceshuttle

Short tests this evening on 9290 kHz started 19:00 UTC Detailed reporsts are welcome to e-mail while tests are in effect. QSL-replies will be send quickly. Best greetings from Radio Spaceshuttle Dick

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Irish pirate radio audio archive

The Irish pirate radio audio archive was lucky to recently receive a donation of hundreds of cassettes belonging to the British radio enthusiast Leon Tipler who made valuable recordings of the Irish pirate scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We’ve begun digitising the collection, starting with Tipler’s acclaimed documentary series ‘The Irish Pirates’ focusing on the period 1979-1982. …

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Atlantic 2000 online programmes

Atlantic 2000 provides you a new online program every weekend. Visit regularly our website, and listen to our new Podcasts. Good listening! Visit our website: Listen to our Podcasts and follow us:

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SPEEDWING RADIO on air around Easter 2020

SPEEDWING RADIO returns on Easter 2020 Always and each time (The early bird catches the worm): 06.00-07.20 UTC (=08.00-09.20 CEST) on 3940 kHz = 76,09m Good Friday, April 10th, 2020 25 YEARS ON THE AIR CELEBRATION TRANSMISSION Easter Sunday, April 12th and Easter Monday, April 13th, 2020 SPEEDWING RADIO EASTER SPECIAL SHOW Reception reports are always welcome to and …

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FRS-Holland test broadcast

This Sunday March 15th FRS-Holland will be conducting two tests. Test #1 willl be between 10:00- 11:00 UTC/ 11:00- 12:00 CET on either 7700, 7705 or 7715 kHz and in parallel on 5800 or 5810 kHz Test #2 will be at 17:00 UTC/ 18:00 CET. Frequencies will be the same. We are curious about signal strength and audio quality and …

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Radio Piraña Beacon

Europe. We have received several reports for the beacon transmission. But to nite we change the frequency to 6355kHz, alternative frecuency will be 6330kHz. Check our web page where we will update any frecuency change, and also an alert of when it is in or off. Normal sched until January the 2nd is from 23 utc to 08 utc. …

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Spaceshuttle tests today on 31 mb

Short tests this evening 5th of November 2019 on 9290 kHz (perhaps somew tries on 9270 as well- very unsure).  First real test around 14 hours UTC.  And few others perhaps during evening hours. Each test 5 to 15 minutes long.   Detailed reporsts are welcome  to e-mail while tests are in effect. QSL-replies will be send  around 21 …

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Spaceshuttle 9290 kHz on today 17th September

Transmission starts perhaps around 14 or 15 UTC today (+warming time)- rpts welcome…. Best greetings from Radio Spaceshuttle   Dick

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Radio Spaceshuttle 17th Years of Action Birthday Party

Radio Spaceshuttle has lived quite silent times during the year 2018 and beginning of 2019. Now we have had two test transmissions during last days and will run our 17th Birthday Party program today on 9290 kHz So we try to start around 19 hours UTC (Thats 20 hours in British Isles, 21 hours in Western Europe and 22 hours …

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FRS on air July 28th

On Sunday July 28th, the Free Radio Service Holland will be on with the first of two Summer evening broadcasts. Similar to what we have done in the past few years, thematic programmes will be aired. Programmes will commence at 16:52 UTC/ 18:52 CEST and will last four hours. Close down will be at 21:00 UTC/ 23:00 CEST.  Attention: most likely programmes will be …

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