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Please QSL Greenville direct

** U S A. VOA Greenville recently offered to QSL direct with its own card. Lots of reception reports, especially from abroad, should help encourage the powers that be in Washington that this shortwave site is still being listened to and worth keeping on the air. Its closedown has already been postponed more than once. You can find the current …

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E-QSL Radio HCJB 3995 kHz

Radio HCJB Deutschland  3995 kHz – 13 nov. 2011  – Vozandes Media Casilla 17-17-69 Quito, Ecuador ha confermato con una  E-QSL allegato PDF  in 2 giorni.  V/s Horst Rosiak. Rapporto inviato via web. Report dall’indirizzo La E-QSL è visionabile  a  Nino MarabelloTreviso, ItalyRX: ICF SONY SW7600GANT: VHF esterna azimuth 230 gradi

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QSL Radio Canada International B11

Radio Canada International QSL card for a broadcast on 12 November 2011, 17790 kHz, Sackville 1810 – 1813 UTC in English, SINPO 34333. Received in 10 days via ordinary mail for a reception report via email found at Radio Canada International, P O Box 6000, Montreal, (Quebec) Canada. H3C 3A8   Nino MarabelloTreviso, Italy RX: SONY ICF SW7600GAntenna: VHF outdoor azimuth …

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E-QSL HCJB Deutschland

– Radio HCJB Deutschland  3995 kHz – 13 nov. 2011  – Vozandes Media  Casilla 17-17-691   Quito, Ecuador ha confermato con una  E-QSL allegato PDF  in 2 giorni.  V/s Horst Rosiak. Rapporto inviato via web Report dall’indirizzo La E-QSL è visionabile  a   Nino Marabello Treviso / Italia

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QSL Mikes

Mikes 25000 KHz – Centre for Metrology and Accreditation – P.O. Box 9 – Tekniikantie 1 02151 Espoo – Finlandia con lettera in 10 giorni. v/s Valevi Kalliomaki, Ilkka Iisakka, Tapio Mansten. No IRC (restituito). Roberto Pavanello Vercelli / Italia

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PMA Micronesia 4755

** MICRONESIA. QSL mail de Cross Radio Micronesia Les adjunto la verificación de la emisora donde figuran los datos de la emisora. El reporte también fue enviado por e-mail. Dear Miguel Castellino: Thank you for your reception report for The Cross Radio. We are pleased to verify your reception of our transmission. On October 11, 2011 10:00 – 10:25 (Universal …

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XVRB R. 6045 KHz – con e-mail allegata in 26 giorni.Roberto PavanelloMessaggioDa: XVRBDate: 07/11/11 14:12Oggetto: Re: Fwd:RECEPTION REPORT TO XRVB RADIO___________________________________________________Messaggio:Dear Roberto,Thank you very much for your reception report and yes: You heard XVRB indeed!As we run through the list of items to identify it’s absolutely 100% sure you picked upour signal, as been on the air on October …

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QSL ZKAK 13282khz QSL New Zealand

13282khz USB 20,20utc 15 september 2011 – letter more info 44ggAirways New Zealand Limited, ZKAK Auckland Radio, Fred Ladd Way, Auckland International Airport, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. – Mauro IK2GFT – Swl 1510--JRC525Nrd – Lowe HF150-Filter PAR Electronics – BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF- DSP 9-Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop ALA 100 M-Lat. 45°25’0″N Long. 9°7’0″E -Locator grid. Jn 45 …

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QSL Radio Albacete

Radio Albacete 1116 KHz – Avda Estaciòn 5 bajo – 02001 Albacete -Spagna con e-mail allegata da in 9 giorni. v/s Antonio Rada Almodòvar. Si 1 IRC. Roberto Pavanello Vercelli / Italia   ————– Estimado Sr. Roberto Pavanello,     Tengo el placer de confirmarle que el informe de recepción que nos envió con fecha 12/10/2011, de nuestra emisora Radio …

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QSL Radio Free Sarawak

Radio Free Sarawak 17560 KHz – c/o Bruno Manser Fonds – Socinstrasse 37 – 4051 Basel – Svizzera con QSL in 8 giorni. Si 1 IRC. Roberto Pavanello Vercelli / Italia

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Nuova QSL di Radio Taiwan 7570 Khz

R. TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL 7570 kHz 3/09 453 UTC – P.O. Box 24-38 Taipei – Taiwan con una  QSL in 19 giorni. Rapporto inviato via web Report La QSL è visionabile al seguente URL: Nino MarabelloTreviso, Italy

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Radio Free Asia new QSL card

Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our 40th QSL card. This is the fifth QSL card commemorating 2011 as  RFA ‘s 15th anniversary. Rebiya Kadeer, exile Uyghur community leader, is president of the World Uyghur Congress and an advocate for China’s lar gely Muslim Uyghur minority.  RFA’s first broadcast  was in Mandarin  Chinese on September 29, 1996 at …

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