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New Radio Heritage Competition

_____________________________WIN A COPY OF THE WORLD RADIOTV HANDBOOK 2009 ************_____________________________ Would you like to win a copy of this great global guide to the world’s radio stations? Published yearly since 1946, and with almost 700 pages of radio station data, contacts, websites, receiver reviews, features and much more, this fantastic guide to global radio remains second to none. We’ve got …

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More Australian Heritage AM Radio – Radio Heritage Media Release

Media ReleaseRadio Heritage ____________________________________More Australian Heritage AM Radio7DY Derby and the Queensland Network____________________________________ The 7DY Sunpolisher’s Club had a membership of ‘2,900 juveniles’ according to the latest in the popular series of Long Lost Australian Radio Stars hosted by the Radio Heritage Foundation at For listeners to the ‘North Eastern unit of the Tasmanian Coastal Network’ between 1938-1954, …

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Japan AM Radio Dial 1941 – Radio Heritage Media Release

Media ReleaseRadio Heritage ____________________________Japan AM Radio Dial 1941Listening on the Eve of WWII____________________________ “The dramatic story by a lady was broadcast at that time’ wrote JOFK Radio in Hiroshima, Japan when confirming reception of its broadcasts at the other end of the Pacific during the 1930’s. This postcard is one of many rare images forming part of a new …

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Coconut Wireless – Radio Heritage News #22

_____________________The Coconut WirelessRadio Heritage NewsIssue #22 – July 2009_____________________ It’s always summer somewhere in the Pacific……and always time for radio in our lives! And here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, you’ll always find radio, permanent summer and nostalgia at! Nostalgia makes money. I’ll repeat that, nostalgia makes money. Why do you think so many radio stations have ‘classic hits’, …

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WASA McMurdo Antarctica – Radio Heritage Media Release

Bob Flint, Station Manager of WASA McMurdo during the 1972 winter season, shares extracts from his personal diary in the latest feature about radio in Antarctica just released by the Radio Heritage Foundation at You’ll learn of the trials and tribulations of running a radio station in one of the most challenging environments on earth. Obstacles included isolation, the …

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Radio Sangley, Philippines – Radio Heritage Media Release

“Welcome to KTLG Sangley Point’ – with these words a new member of the Armed Forces Radio Service signed on to serve Sangley Point Naval Station near Manila in the Philippines in the early 1950’s. The Radio Heritage Foundation has released two new features at its global website about this little known radio station that began as a converted …

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KYOI SuperRock Saipan – Radio Heritage Media Release

In December 1982, millions of Japanese teenagers suddenly had a new pop music radio station targeted directly at them, playing the latest hits from LA, and sounding like nothing before on their airwaves. The Radio Heritage Foundation has released two new features at its global website that cover the story of this remarkable station that rocked the radio dial …

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Samoa Samoa – Radio Heritage Media Release

The Radio Heritage Foundation continues to expand its coverage of Samoan radio media history with the release of two new features at its global website ‘While in Apia, I decided to start a radio station’ confided former RNZAF [Royal NZ Air Force] technician Alan Roycroft when reminiscing about his early days in Pacific radio. You’ll read about nightly dance …

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Low Power FM Goes High Power – Radio Heritage Media Release

Unique to New Zealand’s radio market are over 1,350 micro-broadcasters who have entertained the islands for almost two decades. Some have now migrated from covering a suburb or small town to hundreds of square kilometers radiating from prime new local FM frequencies. The Radio Heritage Foundation maintains the only comprehensive guide to these local FM stations in the NZ Low …

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Hawaii Radio Competition Closes June 11

_______________________________Art of Radio Hawaii CompetitionCloses Midnight June 11 2009_______________________________ Visited our global website lately? Lots of new stories, images and news about radio from around the Pacific are now online, as well as details of the new Art of Radio Hawaii Competition! Just a reminder that you can still enter our second Hawaiian radio competition for 2009 and win …

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Years of Australian Radio Heritage – Radio Heritage Media Release

______________________________________ 217 Years of Australian Radio Heritage2BH – 2LT – 2MG – AM Heritage Stations______________________________________ Some 217 years of Australian radio heritage is now celebrated on-line at with the release of three new station profiles in the popular Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series. 2BH Broken Hill, 2LT Lithgow and 2MG Mudgee have served their local communities for an …

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RNZI Radio Heritage Documentary – Radio Heritage Media Release

________________________________________RNZI Airs New Radio Heritage DocumentaryAFRS Mosquito Network June 01 2009________________________________________ Join us on June 01 2009 when the Radio Heritage Foundation airs a new radio heritage documentary on the Radio New Zealand International [RNZI] Mailbox program. You can listen via shortwave or audio on demand [for the following month] with full details of frequencies and times and audio download …

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