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A-21 schedule: The Mighty KBC

NETHERLANDS (non). The Mighty KBC will remain on 5960 kHz until 25 April. On 2 May, the transmission will switch to 9925 kHz and back again to 5960 khz on 5 September. (All according to KBC Facebook post on 8 March). Transmissions are Sundays only 0000-0200UTC via Nauen. (Alan Roe, Teddington, UK via WOR io group)

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A21 KBS frequency change

With the beginning of A21 season at 0100 UTC (1000 KST), March 28, 2021, KBS WORLD Radio English Service will broadcast at 1400-1600 UTC (2300-0100 KST) on 9785kHz instead of 9630kHz. This time around, there will also be adjustments in transmitters to stabilize their operation and to minimize discrepancy among frequencies. (!) We hope the new frequency and the adjustments …

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Log Roberto Pavanello

549 15/2 17.30 R. Ukraine – Kiev Ucraino talk suff. (mixed con Koper) 693 18/2 15.20 R. Zainet – Siziano IT ID e MX buono ( non in // allo streaming) 729 19/2 18.04 R.N.E. R.1 – Oviedo SS NX reg. Asturias buono 774 18/2 18.04 R.N.E. R.1 – Valencia SS NX reg. Comun. Valenciana buono 981 18/2 15.10 Cesky …

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Reception of Voice of Greece on 9420 kHz, February 18

GREECE Reception of Voice of Greece VOG on February 18: till 0806 on 9420 AVL 150 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek tx#3 0806-0809 on 9420 AVL 150 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Arabic tx#3 From 0809UT open carrier/dead air & continues via SDR Tambov — 73! Ivo Ivanov More information on the shortwave listening hobby, please visit …

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Ascolti AM Luca Botto Fiora

ASCOLTI AM (Orari UTC) Venerdì 1 gennaio 2021 13.00-13.15 – 15770 kHz SW RADIOGRAM-WRMI Okeechobee-FL (USA) Inglese, IDs OM e txs in codice. radiogram(at) Segnale insufficiente-sufficiente Venerdì alle 13.00 e sabato alle 13.30 – 15.00-15.15 – 6070 kHz SOUND OF THE SEVENTIES-CH292 Röhrbach (Germania) Tedesco, IDs OM+YL, mx Abba, Bee Gees ecc. chris(at) Segnale insufficiente-sufficiente Emissione non regolare. *** Luca …

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Radio Free Asia on unregistered frequencies 7540, 9350 & 9380 kHz via Dushanbe, October 25

TAJIKISTAN(non) Radio Free Asia on unregistered frequencies via Dushanbe, October 25: 0030-0130 on 7540#DB 200 kW / 125 deg to SEAs Burmese // 7510 DB and 9510 TIN 1230-1330 on 9350#DB 200 kW / 125 deg to SEAs Burmese // 11795 SAI, 15110 KWT 1330-1400 on 9380*DB 200 kW / 125 deg to SEAs Burmese // 11795 KWT, 12055 & …

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The K7RA Solar Update

Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Sunspots appeared every day of the past reporting week. Compared to the previous 7 days, the average daily sunspot number increased from 13.1 to 15. Average daily solar flux rose from 73.1 to 74.5. Geomagnetic indicators were up slightly, with average daily planetary A index rising from 2.7 to 5, and middle latitude A index …

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B20 schedule: REE Radio Exterior de España

Here is the new B20 schedule of Radio Exterior de España on SW: 1600-2400 Mon to Fri 11685 SW-AF, 12030 ME 1900-2400 Mon to Fri 9690 N-AM, 11940 S-AM 0000-0300 Tue to Sat 9690 N-AM, 11940 S-AM 1500-2300 Sat & Sun 9690 N-AM, 11685 SW-AF, 11940 S-AM, 12030 ME and this is the languages schedule: Arabic 1730-1800 11685 SW-AF, 12030 …

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Propagation News – 4 October 2020

We had yet another week with zero sunspots and poor conditions. Matter from a solar coronal hole pushed the Kp index to six late on Sunday, the 27th, with corresponding detrimental effects on the ionosphere. The solar wind stream climbed to above 600km/s with the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field periodically pointing south. This meant that the solar …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations

CUBA Both Bauta outlets of RHC La Habana English sce to North America, on 6100 and 6145 kHz noted on excellent audio 20 kHz wideband block. Both units were successfully repaired in the last six months and the maintenance was good. Respect the RadioCuba technicians. 6145 kHz off air early at 06.58 UT, followed by 6100 kHz off time at …

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Radio Igloo eQSL received

NETHERLANDS?, 6290, Radio Igloo, received eQSL card i 6 days. Reception report sent to: Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain

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Wolfgang Bueschel log

COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 18 before 0500 UT. 4939.996 1/2 kHz measured, S=4 or -99dBm poor and tiny signal noted on Swiss Perseus unit, at 04.10 UT on Sept 18, around threshold level also on Netherland/belgium border remote SDR rx unit. So poor ‘without AFC’ option barefooth signal, seemingly Spanish language spoken. Even the US east coast ‘remote’ units were on …

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