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ARISS contact planned with students in Gdansk, Poland. Saturday December 31, 2011 a radio contact is planned with students in Historical Museum of Gdansk in Poland. Expectedly, the contact will be established at approximately 14:04 UTC, which is 15:04 CEWT. Amateur radio station SP2ZIE will call OR4ISS. The conversation with NASA astronaut Daniel C. Burbank KC5ZSX will be conducted in …

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Bruno Casula Utility log

Lun 26 Dic 20111.650,00 FR.. – ….. F CROSS J3E/USB 11-dic 0805 NW/WX –2.559,00 DBGZ BP26 – SHIP Escwege – D BUNDESPOLIZEI SEE ALE/USB 12-dic 0112 CLG “BPLEZS” –2.673,00 DLVI ZPRI – SHIP Priwall – D ZOLL ALE/USB 12-dic 2229 CLG “ZLST” –2.673,00 DLVK ZHID – SHIP Hiddensee – D ZOLL ALE/USB 13-dic 0020 CLG “ZLST” –2.834,00 U… – ….. …

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Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to you all,   Yes you are correct it is Christmas day tomorrow and yes WR International will be on the air. Our program will be totally made up of UK Christmas number 1 hits of years gone by. Every track played will have been a Christmas number one hit in the UK. If you would …

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Log 5820 khz

On 5820 khz christmas programme of KWRN Nordland Radio with SINPO 35433   Peter VaeglerQTH: Stralsund :  13°6´10´´ E; 54°16´23´´ NRX: mod.DEGEN DE 1103Ant: Teleskop/TG 34

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BBS 5030 & 6035 both on air

24 Dec 2011 (Sat) – Noted Bhutan Broadcasting Service on air on both 5030 & 6035 kHz at 1048 UTC tune in ….. At 1327 UTC both freq’s still on air, 5030//6035. With Season’s Greetings ! Alokesh Gupta, VU3BSENew Delhi, India

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Missing Christmas Eve SAQ transmission

CQ DE SAQ We deeply regret we did not managed to get “The Old Lady” (87 years) on the air as usual this Christmas morning, due to technical reason. Anyway we wish you all, A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. We will let you know when the next planned transmission will take place. Lars Kålland SM6NM

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Transmission of KWRN

KWNR Nordland Radio will be on air with an old christmas programme sunday 25th 09.00 hours UTC on 5815 khz   Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2012 “Felix Stein”

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Glenn Hauser logs December 22, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, still zilch from LRA36 on the one day of the week it used to be active, Thursday Dec 22 at 1335. How about someone contacting Esperanza on what the prospects are for ever reactivating? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** BHUTAN [and non]. 6035, Dec 22 at 1312, with BFO I can tell there are two …

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Perchè non possiamo non dirci analogici

Chiedo scusa a Benedetto Croce per averlo cosi’ malamente citato nell’intitolare questo articolo, ma forse riuscira’ meglio l’ispirazione di un grande filosofo, piu’ di quella di un eventuale tecnico, a guidare la stesura del testo. Da piu’ parti si sente dire che il futuro della Radio e’ digitale, ma coloro che vedevano la luce nei primi anni del DAB oggi …

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Broadcasting in Sri Lanka completed its 86th year on december 16

Broadcasting in Sri Lanka completes its 86th year today. British Governor in Ceylon Sir Hue Clifford inaugurated Ceylon Broadcasting Service on the 16th December 1925. It was later established as a new department titled “Radio Ceylon” in 1st of October 1949. It was transformed into Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation on the 5th of January 1967. Late Mr. Nevil De Jayaweera was …

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Logs onda corta Cristian Mocanu

Alcuni ascolti recenti/ Algunas escuchas recientes: 6015  13.12.11 23.30 CHN Xinjiang PBS Kazakh tx OM/YL, 454447570   21.12.11 14.12 KRE V.o. Korea F, Kim Djong Il biography 453339325    21.12.11 14.30 KRE V.o. Korea R, condolences fm abroad 544449410     21.12.11  13.30 PHL R. Veritas Asia Mandarin, tx ment Vatican 343339440     21.12.11   14.40 KAZ Family R. via Almaty Urdu tx abt Jesus …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 20-21, 2011

** ALBANIA. 7420, Dec 21 at 0227, R. Tirana is on the air tonight, good signal with IS before 0230 English. Earlier at 0050, Albanian hour was still on 7425, not too much QRM from China at the moment, but would be QRM-free on 7420 too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** BELARUS. 7255, Dec 21 at 0609, Slavic …

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