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The K7RA Solar Update

On May 30 at 0005 UTC the Australian Space Forecast Centre issued a warning: “On 1 June geomagnetic activity is expected to increase to Active and Minor Storm levels due to arrival of the co-rotating interaction region and high-speed solar wind streams associated with the recurrent trans-equatorial coronal hole.” On May 31 issued this Solar Wind Alert: “NOAA forecasters …

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Free Radio AM – RDE: Comunicazione agli ascoltatori

Free Radio AM – Radio Diffusione Europea 1584 khz è al centro di un attacco alla propria credibilità, da parte di operatori radiofonici illegali. Da diversi mesi e in più forme, la nostra emittente, in ore serali viene sovrapposta da segnali ben riconosciuti, con l’intento di creare disturbo e danno di immagine. Tali segnali vengono irradiati con potenze elevate e …

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SWLDXBulgaria News, May 14

ARMENIA(non) Reception on TWR Trans World Radio India in English, May 14 1300-1315 on 9330 ERV 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs English Mon-Sat, very good FRANCE Very good signal of Radio France International, May 14 0600-0700 on 11830 ISS 500 kW / 170 deg to WCAf English GERMANY Weak signal of DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst on May …

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Le condoglianze della redazione di Bclnews al nostro fondatore Roberto Scaglione per la perdita del padre

In un momento così doloroso, l’intera redazione e collaboratori di Siciliamedia Comunicazioni esprimono la propria vicinanza al fondatore Roberto Scaglione e alla sua famiglia, per la perdita del padre Michele Scaglione. Teniamo a precisare che le rubriche radiofoniche e televisive in onda fino alla fine della prossima settimana sono state realizzate prima del grave lutto. LE PUBBLICAZIONI SONO MOMENTANEAMENTE SOSPESE

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NDR Christmas Eve transmitter sites

Someone posted the transmitter details for the 24 Dec only NDR shortwave transmission at,1087715,1193071#msg-1193071 As it was to be expected: Nauen, Issoudun and Moosbrunn. In particular two of the four ALLISS units at Nauen, with the Telefunken transmitters run at 25 % power, two of the many at this time idle ALLISS units at Issoudun, with the Thomson transmitters run …

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Tests am Sonntag, 15.12. mit neuem Reservesender / testing on Sunday, Dec. 15th with new stand-by transmitter

During the last weeks we have been busy with working on our new stand-by transmitter. When we were ON AIR, then only with the driver and around 60 watts. Last night we succeeded in testing the transmitter, its cooling and output filter without modulation and with a 1000 Hz tone.So today we are able to run some tests carrying program …

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EMR & Geronimo Schedule for 15th December 2013

EMR  08.00 to 09.00 UTC  Gohren / 7265 KHz  Stewart Ross EMR  09.00 to 10.00 UTC  Gohren / 9480 KHz  Tom & Mike Taylor EMR  09.00 to 10.00 UTC  Nauen /  6045 KHz  Tom & Mike Taylor Please send all E.M.R. reports to:  Thank you! Radio Geronimo Relay: RG    10.00 to 12.00 UTC Gohren / 9480 KHz   Please send all reports to:  Thank you!       EMR Internet repeats …

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LKB/LLE is on the air

Svenn Martinsen posted in the Medium Wave Circle Facebook group: LKB/LLE is on the air with new test broadcasts this week from LLE-2 (1314 kHz) and LLE-3 (5895 kHz), Morning Broadcasts Wednesday and Thursday @0600-0930 UTC. We are carrying IDs and jingles from Radio Northern Star , leasing the transmitters. Note: Broadcasts are not in parallel with the web …

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South African Coverage of Mandela’s Passing

SAfm is the SABC’s (South African Broadcasting Corporation) national English language network.  On the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s passing, one would expect that it would be a source for a particularly unique, domestic assessment of Mr. Mandela’s life by South Africans and coverage of the associated events and memorials.  SAfm streams its audio from its web site, as well as …

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Relay Updates HRL & FRSH

Hambuger Local Radio: The transmissions from HLR on Saturday (tomorrow) will start later than normal, a possible start time of  09.00 UTC, the reason is the storm from the last days.  FRS-Holland: This Sunday December 8th FRS-Holland will conduct a test broadcast on 7310 kHz/ 41 metres. The test will last for two hours between 10:00 to 12:00 UTC   Good Listening! 73s …

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EMR, MVBR, Atlantic 2000 & R Gloria Relays this weekend

EMR  on 6190 KHz at 08.00 to 09.00 UTC (repeat from 17th Nov)MVBR  on 6190 KHz at 09.00 to 10.00  UTC (repeat) Atlantic 2000  on 7310 kHz at 0900 to 1000 UTC + stream  (music and radio news)Atlantic 2000  on 9480 kHz at 1000 to 1100 UTC + stream  (music and dedications)R Gloria on 6190 Khz at 11.00 to 13.00 …

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NDR Hamburg "Gruss an Bord" christmas program on shortwave

GERMANY   NDR Hamburg “Gruss an Bord” christmas program on shortwave again! NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg program on December 24 again also on shortwave service on air. German public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR Hamburg will air its special X-mas program “Gruss an Bord” for German sailors merchant ships. Here is the schedule for Tuesday December 24, 2013. The NDR also sends …

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