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Glenn Hauser logs December 10-11, 2019

** ARGENTINA [non]. 5800, Dec 11 at 0110, RAE via WRMI Spanish about Argentina with porteño accent; there was big news there today but seemingly not about that right now. Fair signal here but never very good aimed south, but more than the JBA carrier. See also USA [and non] WRMI (Glenn Hauser, oK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 13632 …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 9-10, 2019

** ALGERIA [and non]. 531, Dec 10 at 0332, Jil-FM quite separable from weak 530 signals, and some talk modulation, presumably “Algerian Arabic“ as in WRTH which also shows F`kirina is location, 600 kW, 24 hours, and BTW this is in AM, not FM! Could this be the grandest AM station in the world which has lost its identity to …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 8-9, 2019

** CHINA. Survey of CNR1 jammers, some only carriers on known frequencies vs SOH, Dec 8 at 2318: 9180, 9215, stronger 9230. At 2325, 9970, 10160; at 2328, 10820, 11070, 11000, 11120, 11170, stronger 11440 & 11460. At 2335, 7540 good with flutter, echo; this one vs RFA Tibetan via Kuwait this hour only, unheard. 9900, Dec 8 at 2324, …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 7-8, 2019

** CANADA. 300 kHz, Dec 8 at 0727 UT, dash and YIV, 500 watt ND beacon from Island Lake, Manitoba; logged once before on Sept 16, when I described its location. 340 kHz, Dec 8 at 0729 UT, dash and YY, 500 watt ND beacon from Mont Joli, Quebec. I was tuned to 341 where it mixed with local EI, …

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Glenn Hasuser logs December 7, 2019

DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS updated Dec 7: ** CUBA. 5025, Dec 7 at 0715, Radio Rebelde music is overmodulated, distorted. Something`s always wrong at RadioCuba; 5040 RHC is off by now this date (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 15230, Dec 7 at 1455, `Despertar con Cuba` wrapping with final propaganda headlines, S9+20 but undermodulated here; // 15140 is …

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Encore – Classical Music on Saturday Sunday and Friday

This coming weekend Encore – Classical Music on Radio Tumbril will be broadcasting on a third frequency again: The folks at WWCR in Tennessee are transmitting the show for the fourth week running at 01:00 UTC Sunday 8th (Saturday evening 7th local in US) on 6115 kHz. However – next weekend Saturday 14th December we will change frequency and time …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 6-7, 2019

** CANADA. 223 kHz, Dec 6 at 0728, dash and YYW, 1000 watt ND beacon from Armstrong, Ontario. First one readable as I tune upward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA. 6100, Dec 6 at 2307, VP music same as VG signal on CUBA 13650. I`m checking this just as some guy on WRMI is quoting Steve McGreevy`s …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 3-4-5-6, 2019

** ARGENTINA [non]. 5800, Dec 5 at 0115, RAE ID in Spanish; relay via WRMI still here after Cuba reclaimed 6060. Unfortunately, I have a blob from a local device right on 5800. I could tell 5800 went off the air at 0200 sharp Dec 6. I notified the condiglista about this ASAP last night so everybody in Argentina should …

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FTIOM & UBMP, December 8-14

From the Isle of Music, December 8-14: This week our special guest is Yanela Brooks, who will discuss the her new album Top of Cuba in English; we will also listen to some jam sessions by Estrellas de Areito. The broadcasts take place: 1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 3-4, 2019

** CUBA. 11880, 15140, 15370, Dec 3 at 2108, all three RHC are in Arabic. Own B-19 sked shows 11880 & 15140 are supposed to be in French; 15370 in Portuguese at 2100-2130. Something`s always wrong at RHC x 3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA [and non]. 6060, Dec 3 at *2357:14 RHC carrier cuts on S9+20/30 …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 3, 2019

** ARGENTINA [non]. Surprise, 6060, Dec 3 at 0115, RHC has reactivated here in Spanish, and no sign of WRMI relay of RAE in Spanish which has been here for a month with no RHC collision. WRMI must have been aware of this before and quickly turned off. Maybe it will go back to 5800, but not enough signal there …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 1-2, 2019

** ALBANIA [non]. 15770, Dec 2 at 2045 tune-in, Radio Tirana via WRMI again comes in better on BST-1 caradio than my home rigs. Klara is amid a history of Radio Tirana itself, various language services coming and going, alliances with Russia, Yugoslavia, China coming and going, notably lots of aid from China in the form of new studio and …

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