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Glenn Hauser logs May 15-16, 2019

DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS updated May 16: ** CHINA. 11785, re my report of a special musical event on CNR1 jammer, May 15 before and after 1300, Ron Howard replies on the WOR io group: “Hi Glenn, Here in California, I was also listening to CNR1 (6125 kHz.). Live coverage of the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian …

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More changes not included in updated WRTH A19 Schedules

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 More changes who is not included in updated WRTH A19 Schedules INTERNATIONAL More changes who is not included in updated WRTH A19 Schedules Scandinavian Weekend Radio Monthly at 1st Sat 0000-2400 Finnish time or 2100UT Fri-2100UT Sat, updated schedule 2100-2200 on 5980 VIR 0.1 kW / non-dir to FIN Finnish 2100-2300 on 11720 VIR 0.1 …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 14-15, 2019

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.972, May 14 at 1327, JBA carrier on signature off-frequency of LRA36, active since it`s Tuesday. Even weaker JJBBA carrier by 1357 recheck. Try again Thursday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA. 12190, May 15 at 1258, CNR1 jammer against SOH, with some kind of live music event, // 11785 q.v. which continues past 1300 unlike …

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FTIOM & UBMP, May 12-June 1

From the Isle of Music, May 12-June 1 (three weeks): A. May 12-18: Special guest Marcos Morales presents his new Jazz recording “Ruinas”. B. May 19-25: Cuban dance party with various groups C. May 26-June 1: Special guest Carlos Miyares presents his new Jazz Recording “One More Time” The broadcasts take place: 1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 12-13, 2019

** CANADA [and non]. 341 kHz, May 13 at 0544 UT, ND beacon YYU and dash, which is 500 watts from Kapuskasing, Ontario; mixing with and weaker than local co-channel EI Enid, but with different pitches and periods, not hard to copy separately. No sign of OIN Oberlin KS, which I was also getting during last log April 4. Storm …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 12, 2019

** CUBA. 13740, Sunday May 12 at 1336, RHC `En Contacto`, Arnie opens saying that bitrate has been improved on RHC webcasts; also archive of programs by podcast, i.e. at including the latest EC already. I see that another show link has unnecessary accent, “El mundo de la Filatélia“ — ¿is that to make clear it is not to …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 11-12, 2019

** CUBA [and non]. 6010, May 12 at 0048, S8 carrier is JBM, but // undermodulated Chinese song on 5990, i.e. CRI relay, i.e. the leapfrog mixing product I first reported weeks ago, over fulcrum 6000, another Cuban transmitter at same site which is now also JBM during what should be RHC English, but // 6165 is off so no …

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IRIB Tehran, A-19 schedule, 6x Ramadan specials 05May – 05June 2019 and observations

IRAN A-19 frequency schedule of PARS TODAY – VIRI IRIB Ahwaz site still mentioned in A-19 database. * 6 x IRIB Ramadan specials 05 May to 05 June, 2019 +—-+—-+—-+———–+—+—-+——-+—+—+—+—+——-+ +FREQ STRT STOP CIRAF ZONES LOC PWR AZIMUTH SLW LAN ADM BRC Language+ +—-+—-+—-+———–+—+—-+——-+—+—+—+—+——-+ 9550 0020 0320 6S,7S,8S,10 SIR 500 295 0 211 Spa IRN IRB SPANISH 6065 0030 0130 …

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Encore Classical May 12-13

Encore – Classical Music on shortwave – broadcast on Sunday afternoon in Europe & USA Encore – Classical Music this weekend is being broadcast as usual by Channel 292 (Europe) on 6070 kHz at 15:00 UTC Sunday 12th May. And by WBCQ on 7490 kHz at 00:00 – 01:00 UTC Monday 13th May. There is a repeat on 6070 kHz …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 10-11, 2019

** CANADA. 15034-USB, May 11 at 1516, Trenton Military ID and claiming time is 1515z, still “no report received“ from Halifax, Bagotville, Trenton, Ottawa, Toronto; repeating — (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA [and non]. 13270, May 10 at 1406, JBA carrier presumed CNR1 jammer vs SOH; no New York Radio of course. This reference says it`s …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 8-9-10, 2019

** CHINA [and non]. 15470, May 8 at 1314, talk maybe Chinese with low audible het = LAH; ChiCom jamming vs scheduled Radio Free Asia in Tibetan via Tajikistan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** KOREA SOUTH. 12843-CW, May 8 at 1334, “CQ CQ CQ DR HLO HLO HLO QSX 12 MHZ K“ repeating over and over and due …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 6-7, 2019

** CANADA. 15034-USB, May 6 at 1419, CHR Trenton Military, nothing but “no report received“ from Ottawa, Toronto, Bagotville — and Trenton! over and over (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA. 11440, May 7 at 1417, CNR1 jammer at S9-S7, // 11460 about the same. The other day this was on 11460 only. Aoki/NDXC shows both as *jammed …

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