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Glenn Hauser logs September 9-10, 2019

** NIGERIA. 11769.903, Sept 9 at 2033, VON one of better 25mb signals at this time, S9-S7 but very undermodulated, can`t tell the language but presumably not English. Must also check here when 7254.9 be missing for the 0600 broadcast, as Ivo Ivanov found it on instead, “Voice of Nigeria on wrong 11770v, instead of 7255v kHz, September 10 from …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 8-9, 2019

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1998 monitoring: Ivo Ivanov, Observer in Bulgaria reports: “GERMANY, World of Radio#1998 via Hamburger Lokalradio, September 8 1031-1100 7265 GOH 001 kW / 230 deg to CeEu English Sun, weak signal Very low frequency for this time slot 09-12, probably needed change: 0600-0900 7265 GOH 001 kW / 230 …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 7-8, 2019

** ALBANIA. 13665, Sept 7 at 1229, discussion in English, soon mixed with Chinese, a dead giveaway, and 1230 `Takeaway Chinese` show. It`s CRI as scheduled 1100-1300 in English via Cërrik. Not much else on band except Cuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CANADA. 341 kHz, Sept 7 at 0603 UT, dash and YYU, 500 watts from Kapuskasing, …

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Encore – Classical Music on Shortwave – Radio Tumbril – Sunday & Friday

Encore – Classical Music on Shortwave – Broadcast on Sunday afternoon in Europe and USA – Radio Tumbril.   Encore – Classical Music this weekend is being broadcast as usual by Channel 292 (Europe) on 6070 kHz at 15:00 UTC Sunday 8th September And by WBCQ on 7490 kHz at 00:00 – 01:00 UTC Monday 9th September   There is …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 6–7, 2019

** GUAM. 11955, Sept 6 at 2205, nice hallelujah harmonies, 2217 Indonesian talk at S8 to S9+10. KSDA scheduled this hour daily. 12040, Sept 6 at 2218, slightly weaker SE Asian talk; must be Sundanese as scheduled from KSDA this semihour on days 2467 per Aoki/NDXC, as this is UT Friday = day 6; otherwise English on 135. I remain …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 5-6, 2019

** ANGUILLA. 11775, Sept 5 at 1401, PMS on and strong enough to tell her modulation is squealing, like WWCR-1, WEWN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** BAHAMAS. While looking up CAYMAN info at I search for Bahamabeacons, and find only three listed. All appear to be away from Hurricane Dorian path so may still be operating, FYI: …

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FTIOM & UBMP Sept 8-14

From the Isle of Music, September 8-14: This week our special guests are members of Grupo Canela, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary in August. We also present a portion of a new recording by Legendarios del Guajirito. The broadcasts take place: 1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere (including parts …

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Glenn Hauser logs Sepember 3-4, 2019

** BRAZIL. 11780, Sept 4 at 2057, Brazilian song at S5-S7, as RNA is back here after a spell on 6180 as others have reported. There are also reports that Bolsonaro wants to privatize EBC stations, which would probably put an end to the SW service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 6100, Sept 4 at 0623, RHC …

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WRMI Hurricane Dorian Update

It seems that the eye of the hurricane is not going to hit the coast of Florida. But there will still be high winds in Okeechobee and we hope that the power will not go out. One of our Internet services has been shut down due to the hurricane (they are based in Vero Beach on the coast), so some …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 3, 2019

** CUBA. After many months, I`m again hearing multiple FM spurs from RHC; on almost daily morning bandscans, no sign of them until now, Sept 3 at 1337 as I am tuning downward, first encountered circa 13830 but covering 10-11 kHz, 13825-13836. Also 13758-13772, 13626-13637, 13562-13572 weaker; trace circa 13500. Very strong AM signals on both 13740 and 13700 before …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 1-2, 2019

** BAHAMAS [non]. 1540, Sept 2 at 0520 UT, try to hear ZNS which is reported still on air from Nassau, outside the hurricane, and which should be on emergency non-direxional antenna making it more audible in USA — but no trace of it vs two Spanish stations, likely Texans, and English, KXEL IA, etc. The only other Bahamian MW …

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Latest from Radio Northern Star, Bergen, Norway, on MW

At the transmitter site today for The Northern Star helping CE LA7CFA Øystein doing signal monitoring and processing, and 700 watt tone test. The inverted V antenna for 1611 kHz has been raised, retuned to frequency, and secured with ropes. Current output @250 watts. Current Tentative broadcasting schedule from Sept 1st, 0525-0007 CET. 5895 and web, apps, wifi on as …

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