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WBCQ new superstation tests

Allan Weiner announced on his show on August 30 that the super station would be testing in the upcoming week at various power levels on 12.120, 15.705, and 17.735 MHz. This corresponds to the August 25 HFCC update posted by swldxbulgaria: USA New 24 hrs schedule of WBCQ-6 in HFCC, August 25 0900-1157 on 17735 BCQ 500 kW / 060 …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 28-29-30, 2019

** BRAZIL. 4885+, Aug 28 at 0617, JBA carrier just enough to tell it`s slightly offset+plus, but is it R. Clube do Pará or the usual understation, Rdif. Acreana, Rio Branco. Can anyone confirm which or both still active? Someone was wondering if these stations had burned up, but I would not expect that in the cities rather than the …

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Unique Radio off air indefinitely

Unfortunately Unique radio will be off air for a while. This includes relays internationally. There are numerous reasons as to why ,but , I can cite the following as factors: Technical problems including an antenna breakage No technical person to help in such matters Funds have diminished due to factors beyond my control I would love to put a station …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 26-27-28, 2019

** CUBA. 13700, Aug 27 at 1346, RHC is S9+10 but just barely modulated, while 13740 is nominal, S9 to S9+10. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Fulfilling dire warnings all day, a major storm hit the OKC area (but not Enid!), the evening of Aug 26, early UT August 27, …

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Radio Becomes New Battlefield in Yemen War

Joshua Holmes 08/25/2019 Radio Becomes New Battlefield in Yemen War Stations attacked and threatened by Houthi rebels in attempt to influence largely illiterate listenership On a bright January morning, Abbas Al-Akbari, a seasoned producer at Hodeidah Radio, glanced outside his office window and noticed a pick-up truck rapidly approaching his building. Just a few minutes later, about five fighters jumped …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 15-26, 2019

** CANADA. 6754-USB, Aug 26 at 0533, Trenton Military, with weather for Thule as “temperature 4 at 0456“ — wow, how hot for 76.5 degrees north in the “night“, as Greenland continues melting. Don`t recall hearing CHR mention Thule before, but must show occasionally in rotation. Some others are “no report received“ as they never receive all reports. I suppose …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 24-25, 2019

WORLD OF RADIO HITLIST UPDATE 1) China – CRI: Added new link for “My China” archive audio and scripts of some CRI feature programmes (such as Selfie) amongst others 2) Finland – Scandinavian Weekend R: Added entry for this station Unless there’s a major change anywhere, the next update will be late September. Best wishes and 73 (Alan Roe, …

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Encore – Classical Music on Shortwave on Sunday

Encore – Classical Music on Shortwave – Broadcast on Sunday afternoon in Europe and USA   Encore – Classical Music this weekend is being broadcast as usual by Channel 292 (Europe) on 6070 kHz at 15:00 UTC Sunday 25th August.  And by WBCQ on 7490 kHz at 00:00 – 01:00 UTC Monday 26th August   There is a repeat on …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 23-24, 2019

** CHINA [and non]. CNR1 jammer survey Aug 24 at 1430: JBA maybe Chinese on 12820, 12880, nothing WOOB higher or lower; two well-known Sound of Hope jammed channels. Probably would have found several more had I got around to it an hour earlier. Sound of Hope is the clandestine radio mouthpiece of the Falun Gong, which also run The …

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Glenn Hauser logs Aug 18, 19, 21-23, 2019

** CHINA. CNR1 jammer survey Aug 22 at 1349-1359: 11120, Chinese S3-S5 9230, Chinese S5-S7 12190, Chinese, S5-S7 12820, Chinese, S4-S6 None higher up to 15 MHz, skipping the JBA carrier on 13150 which must be local mix of RHC 11760 + KCRC 1390 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** NEW ZEALAND. 9760, Thu Aug 22 at 0614-0615* huge …

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FTIOM & UBMP Aug 25-Sept 7

From the Isle of Music, August 25-September 7: August 25-31, our special guest Ethiel Failde presents Siempre tu voz, his tribute to Benny More that won a Special Prize in Cubadisco 2019. September 1-7, no guests, but an interesting potpourri of artists you probably have never heard if you live outside of Cuba. The broadcasts take place: 1. For Eastern …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 19-20-21, 2019

** CHINA [and non[. CNR1 jammer survey, Aug 20 from 1355: 9215, JBA talk at 1355 9155, Chinese JBA at 1356 10920, Chinese at 1358 11170, Chinese, S5-S9 with flutter 11440, Chinese JBA 12880, open carrier with flutter, S9-S6 at 1400; jammer not turned off yet 13270, CBS Sports Radio at 1402 — oh2, this is local overload mix between 11880 …

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