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Glenn Hauser logs November 23-24, 2015

** CUBA. 9790, Nov 23 at 0254, open carrier already from CRI relay; S9+25, so should be good after 0300; checking since a listener in TX was wondering if something had changed causing weak signal. Well, the MUF is tending to drop and drop. 9535, Nov 23 at 0530, RHC is S9+10 with jazz, but undermodulated, so the MUF is …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 22-23, 2015

** EGYPT. 9745, Nov 23 at 0231, S8 open carrier with hum, R. Cairo Arabic frequency to North America, and nothing on 9315/9720/9860, the possible English frequencies. At least we know the MUF is sufficient, and Turkey is also in on 31m (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** ROMANIA. 7395, Nov 23 at 0216, Radio Roumanie Internationale with additional …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 22, 2015

** AUSTRALIA. 9580, Nov 22 at 1405, RA is back on after absence 24 hours earlier, as well as 12065 & 12085 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA [and non]. 6100, Nov 22 at 0711, no RHC Esperanto as now allegedly scheduled on Sundays only; nor any RHC on the other 6 MHz frequencies. There is however a …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 21-22

** ANGUILLA. 6090, Nov 21 at 2205-2206+, open carrier, dead air, too long to have been a pregnant pause for DGS to light a cigar and take a puff or two; rather, Caribbean Beacon is slow to apply modulation following daily frequency change from 11775 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 4765, Nov 22 at 0156, R. Progreso …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 20-21, 2015

NEW RECEIVER. Tnx to the generosity of Brandon Jordan, TN, I am now employing an Icom IC-R75, which he has modified and refurbished. It`s for now using the ~100 foot E-W longwire formerly into the FRG-7, which remains beside it for backup/dual monitoring using another lesser longwire (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** AUSTRALIA. 9580, Nov 21 at 1400, …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 19-20, 2015

** CHINA [and non]. 9590, Nov 20 at 1453, nondescript songs on poor signal, and 1455 announcement in unknown language, more music, so I`m dreaming of Myanmar, but dashed at 1500 by accurate timesignal, CRI theme and off the air. Uplooked later in EiBi & Aoki, 9590 listings show Thazin Radio is over at 1330; Taiwan in Russian scheduled at …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 18-19, 2015

** ASCENSION. 6005, Nov 19 at 0538 check, BBCWS in English again with that hum on the carrier. Suspect it`s always there as heard Nov 11 at 0519. Which frequencies does same unit employ at other dayparts? I also noted in earlier report that 6005 and two other Ascension frequencies were not synchronized, to which Chris Greenway of BBCM replies: …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 18, 2015

** BRAZIL. 11780+, Nov 18 at 0718, open carrier/dead air from RNA/RNB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 6000, Nov 18 at 1346, RHC is still on now, and stronger than 5025 Rebelde which is anyway still audible 34 minutes after our sunrise today at 1312; two hours after Habana sunrise 1145. At 1358 Nov 18 on 17730, …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 17-18, 2015

** ALBANIA. 7465, Nov 18 at 0025, JBA carrier from R. Tirana, and 0057 very poor, 0058 the R. Tirana IS can be detected, hampered by Cuban pulse jamming around the frequency. So the Albanian hour at 00-01 is still on 7465, NOT testing on 7470 as Ivo Ivanov has published. I think he was confusing this with the 0230-0300 …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 16-17, 2015

** CUBA. 11670, Nov 16 at 1937, RHC confirmed on new frequency`s first day for Chicago service in Creole, very good signal leaving no chance to hear All India Radio. Tnx a lot, Arnie! who had no good reason to move from 11760 where there is nothing else to be heard. Still on 11670 ex-11760 during the English hour at …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 16, 2015

** CHINA [non]. 11855, Nov 16 at 0715, fair signal in Chinese, but unsounds Mandarin, so Cantonese? No, scheduled as (Mandarin) Chinese from CRI via ALBANIA at 310 degrees right toward us, but at this wee hour, presumably intended only for NW Europe; het from R. Aparecida, BRAZIL, off-frequency circa 11856.2 getting creamed by this at 07-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 14-15-16, 2015

** CUBA. 9710, Nov 16 at 0229, RHC is still here, so maybe the change to 6075 goes into effect tomorrow, if it`s still to be carried out from tentative B-15 schedule. See also IRAN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA [and non]. 9490, Nov 16 at 0425, R. República is still on much later than scheduled, song …

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