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Glenn Hauser logs December 5-6, 2015

** ALBANIA. 7465, Dec 6 at 0051, R. Tirana is on at ~S9 but low modulation in Albanian. 7470, Dec 6 at 0255, carrier detectable here in local noise level, so presumably R. Tirana is not off the air this Saturday night in English to North America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** ANGUILLA [and non]. 6090, Dec 6 …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 5, 2015 [more]

** ANGUILLA [non]. 6090, Dec 5 at 0611, Caribbean Beacon is OFF; unfortunately, nothing else audible, such as Nigeria, Ethiopia; Brasil [Bandeirantes extinct] or Chile [Temuco, should you believe Aoki that it`s really on the air, 24 hours]. CB day frequency 11775 also off Dec 6 at 1710 check (RHC inbooming on 11760). That should open up 11775 for Algeria …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 5, 2015

** BRAZIL. 9724.92, Dec 5 at 0124, JBA carrier, so Radio RB2 is sticking here so far, rather than downdrifting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CANADA. 860, Dec 5 at 0133 UT, French Canadian talk is mixing with English ballgame, presumably KKOW Kansas, and CJBC, CBC Toronto, which occasionally makes it here. CJBC is 50/50 kW U1, but …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 3-4, 2015

DX/SWL/Media Programs: WORLD OF RADIO schedule: Alan Roe`s HITLIST of SWBC stations: ** ETHIOPIA. Re my: UNIDENTIFIED. 7235.82 approx., Dec 3 at 1405, JBA carrier, which points to always off-frequency EBC by longpath; or does it? EiBi has it on 7236.5 at 14-15 as EBC in Arabic; 15-16 switches to V. of Democratic Alliance clandestine; 16-17 back …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 1-2-3, 2015

** BRAZIL. 9724.92, Dec 2 at 0131, Brazuguese talk into choral music, very poor S5, so Rádio RB2 has bumped its transmitter back up close to nominal frequency 9725.000, after drifting steadily downward for weeks; yesterday at same time I had it on 9722.62, and two nights earlier on 9722.72, so the rate of deceleration was .05 kHz per 24 …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 30-December 1, 2015

** ALBANIA. 7470, Dec 1 at 0223, R. Tirana IS is audible but very poor, S5, confirming at least they are on after missing two nights ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** BOLIVIA [and non]. 5952.45, Dec 1 at 0110, R. Pio Doce is S9+10, nice to hear after being missing in last several evening monitoring sessions. Talk …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 29-30, 2015

** ALASKA. 9615, Nov 30 at 1412, KNLS with story of Wiley Post and Will Rogers` final flight, outro as `Postcard from Alaska, America`s Last Frontier`, poor signal but sufficient (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** AUSTRALIA. 6230-USB, Nov 30 at 1346, very poor signal with marine weather, Wiluna mentioned a few times, which is the location of VMW …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 29, 2015

** AUSTRALIA. 2325, Nov 29 at 1320, Oz talk at S6 from VL8T Tennant Creek NT; while 2485 VL8K Katherine is a JBA carrier; why such a disparity? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 6100, Sunday Nov 29 at 0723, RHC is S9+30 but almost dead air — turning up the volume, I can hear RHC Spanish which …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 28-29, 2015

** ALBANIA [and non]. 7470, UT Sunday Nov 29 at 0228 and 0249 chex, R. Tirana is AWOL again; what`s the problem? Propagation is OK. Not on 7425 or 7465 either. 7425 still occupied by Vatican/Martí mix at 0228 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CANADA. 1610, Nov 29 at 0200 UT, Spanish promo for an Ecuadorian event …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 28, 2015

** ALBANIA [and non]. 7469.98, Nov 28 at 0224, R. Tirana is certainly on tonite, S7 to S9 with IS running past 0230 to sign-on starting at 0230:41. Klara`s announcement has changed to cite 7470 for this broadcast so it must be sticking; but sounds like she gives time for the earlier 7465 broadcast as “2100 to 2030“, and into …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 27, 2015

** CUBA. 17730, Nov 27 at 2247, RHC French is suptorted — suppressed and distorted modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** EGYPT. 9900, Nov 27 at 2143, fair signal from R. Cairo transmitting  dead air in English. Still so at 2243 as the English sesquihour toward Europe and North America should be closing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING …

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Radio Nord Revival and SDXF via Sala

Tomorrow Saturday Nov. 28 we are on the air with Radio Nord Revival 1100-1200 UTC and 1200-1300 UTC a special programme from SDXF The Swedish DX Federation on 6060 kHz. Replays at 1700-1900 UTC on 6105 kHz. (Sändningar alltså morgon lördag 1200-1400 svensk tid på 6060 kHz samt repruis 1700-1900 svensk tid på 6105 kHz). (Ronny B Goode on Radio …

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