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Glenn Hauser logs June 16-17-18, 2015

Note: sporadic E VHF DX: logs of TV from Canada and Mexico, FM from USA not yet compiled, to be in next report ** AUSTRALIA. 2485, June 16 at 1115, Aussie M&W chatting, surprised at how well VL8K is coming thru, but no signal at all on 2325 so VL8T is off? Nothing ever on 2310, since VL8A has been …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 14-15-16, 2015

** BOLIVIA. 6135-, June 16 at 0106, “Santa Cruz — está donde el pueblo vive y trabaja“ slogan from R. Santa Cruz; fairly good. 6155+, June 16 at 0119, very poor signal and some modulation seems Spanish but maybe not, and somewhat distorted from presumed R. Fides, always on hi side 5952.4, June 16 at 0119, much better signal than …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 13-14, 2015

** BRAZIL. 11710, 11745, 11815, June 14 at 0549, crackling spurs from 11780.1v RNA/RNB are still here and usually audible at night on 11745 and 11815 at least; depending on the strength of fundamental, which is insufficient in the daytime to co-propagate them (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA [and non]. 17625, June 14 at 0545, CNR1 jammer, …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 12, 2015

** CHINA [and non]. 17660, June 12 at 1401 checking whether CNR8 Korean service clashes with Saudi in French, all I can hear is a JBA het, so weak I can`t decide whether it`s on the hi or lo side (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 5040, June 12 at 0301 I happen to tune in RHC Spanish …

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BBC relay changes

The Ascension relay seems to be taking a break on Sundays since 7 June 2015. The following transmissions have been moved from Ascension to other sites on Sundays ONLY; still transmitted from Ascension on other week days. Starting 7 June 2015, acc. to the HFCC file dated 9 June 2015. 12015 0800-1000 R Japan in Japanese: USA-GREENVILLE on Sundays 17640 …

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Voice of Greece returns to shortwave

Gradually come the information for the resumption of individual radio stations of ERT as coordinators working intensively to prepare the new transmissions. Resuming the short wave program “The Voice of Greece”, also known as ERA 5 aimed at expatriates is also on its way. The program of Greece’s Voice will include newscasts every hour to broadcast the first program while …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 6-7-8, 2015

** ALASKA. 7355, June 8 at 1215 check, only a JBA carrier from presumed KNLS during English hour; not the best date to try it, as K-index was 4 with G2 level geomagnetic storms (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA. 11470, June 8 at 1232, very poor signal in Chinese, i.e. CNR1 jammer against one of countless 0.1 …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 5-6, 2015

** AUSTRALIA. 15200, Sat June 6 at 1140, special English talk about sneezing, best into the elbow, etc., fair-good signal; 1143 outro as `Spotlight` see for “Why Do I Sneeze“ episode. It`s RBA as scheduled this quarter hour in English only on Saturdays, but no ID, 1145 into another Burmesish language which is really Rawang, daily. As a language-lesson …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 5, 2015

** CHINA [and non]. 21690, June 5 at 0512, fair signals both in Chinese, about equal CCI from CNR1 jammer and RFA Chinese this hour only via TINIAN. Ahhh, summer propagation! This is getting to be a regular, as we creep into Solstice. Per Aoki, there is an additional 21690 hour which Must Be Jammed, 06-07 when it`s RFA Tibetan …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 4, 2015

** ALASKA. 9920, June 4 at 1459 JBA carrier, signal builds up slightly, 1500 can barely recognize the KNLS IS/theme music at very poor level opening an English hour. So they are back after 3 months off, as first reported yesterday by Sei-ichi Hasegawa and the Nagoya DX Circle. Other English hours are at 1200 on 7355, not likely propagating …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 2-3-4, 2015

** AUSTRIA. 9690, June 3 at 0207, fair-good signal in S Asian language, lots of words ending in -heh. It`s AWR in Urdu, due east from Moosbrunn, and no sign of KBS due southwest from Kimjae allegedly in English co-channel (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** BRAZIL. 11815, June 3 at 0155, RBC is detectable under crackling spur from …

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KNLS Return to air

On Jun. 3. 0800-0900UT 9655kHz Russian 0900-1000 9655kHz English 1100-1200 9610kHz Chinese 1200-1300 7355kHz English 1300-1400 9920kHz Chinese 1400-1500 7355kHz Chinese 1500-1600 9920kHz English 1600-1700 9920kHz Russian 1700-1800 9920kHz Russian (NDXC S.Hasegawa via dxld yg

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