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Glenn Hauser logs June 10-11, 2017

** ALASKA. 11885 // 11870, June 11 at 1243, KNLS same as yesterday, duplicating English hour on both, so can hardly be accidental. When will they ever get around to posting correct new schedule on all of their own websites?? Poor signal on both, interview about how you are 69% more likely to survive a plane crash if seated in …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 9-10, 2017

** ALASKA. 11885, June 10 at 1256, KNLS English is once again on this unlisted frequency, // scheduled 11870, both about S5, with music coda and no announcements before 1259 when 11870 goes off, but 11885 stays on with carrier, 1300 IS, 1301 Chinese ID and more IS, 1302 theme opening Chinese hour. Now at 1303 June 10, I find …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 8-9, 2017

** ALASKA. 11870, June 9 at 1221, checking KNLS English again earlier in the hour, which was in well yesterday by closing. Today it`s VP S2-S4 with echo, long/short path? pop music, 1226 announcements I can`t be positive are in English, much weaker than Vatican via Philippines open carrier already on 11875 at S9. KNLS improves slightly to S5-S7 by …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 6-7-8, 2017

** ALASKA. 11870, June 8 at 1254, KNLS is S9, surprisingly good, close to directly off the back, signing off English hour with full new sked by Rob: 11870 at 08 & 12; 7355 also at 12 (JBA carrier here), 9690 at 10, 11765 at 14. Also if in S Asia, listen at 02 on 9600, 03 on 15515 (which …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 4-5-6, 2017

** ALASKA [non]. 89.3, June 5 at 1910 UT I happen to tune nearby KIEL Loyal OK, as Ron Myers is talking about the “Mission Alaska“ project of Radio 74 Internationale, trying to raise money. I only hear the last part of it: To put a 50 kW AM station on the air before the CP expires next January. As …

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From the Isle of Music, June 4-10

This week we begin featuring the winners and some of the nominees of Cubadisco 2017, Cuba’s most important music awards program. We will have Timba from Aisar y el Expreso de Cuba, winner of the Música Popular Bailable – Nuevos Talentos category and will also sample some of EGREM’s Colección Memorias releases, a series of reissues of great recordings from …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 3-4, 2017

** ARGENTINA [non]. 11580, June 3 at 1407, RAE AAM new Spanish hour via WRMI confirmed also on Saturday for 6-days-per week, but are there only 5 programs per week, so a repeat of yesterday? May contain the DX program (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CANADA. 3330-CUSB, June 4 at 0018, CHU timesignals are JBA, so at first …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 2-3, 2017

** ARGENTINA [non]. 11580, Friday June 2 at 1358, WRMI with jazz music fill after RAE French hour, 1359.5 WNYW-style ID, 1400 once again RAE Spanish for the second day at this hour, opening with its usual music downbeat, intro as “primera edición del primero de junio“, i.e. repeat of the Thursday 2200 on 5950. Now we see that the …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 1-2, 2017

** ARGENTINA [non]. 11580, June 1 at 2229 check, this RAE relay hour via WRMI is finally in Italian instead of Spanish, maybe previously as not checked for a couple days (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** MEXICO. After a few hours writing my latest log report, I check FM and find a Mexican by Es on 90.7, June …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 30-31-June 1, 2017

** ARGENTINA [non]. 9395, June 1 after some Andean music, RAE English wrapup until 0158.5, so now occupying more of the hour rather than finishing circa :55. Mirian Turkula, as if talking mainly to podcast listeners, assures us that to hear them on SW, we must listen at 01-02 UT Tue-Sat on WRMI 9395. No mention of the repeat at …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 29-30, 2017

** ARGENTINA [non]. 11580, Monday May 29 at 2200, RAE via WRMI is *still* in Spanish, not Italian as scheduled. There must be some mixup in the automation programming. As of May 30, RAE has uploaded to System D, Italian files dated only Mon 5/22 and Thu 5/25; to System F, only Tue 5/23, Wed 5/24, Fri 5/26 and Mon …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 28-29, 2017

** NORTH AMERICA. 6945-USB, May 29 at 0135, rock at S9, then robotic voice with “Welcome to —“ can`t make it out, and a hotmail address, played twice, back to music. Numerous logs here from 2110 past 0300 with some breaks, say it was Clever Name Radio again,,35181.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** OKLAHOMA. 92.9, May 29 …

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