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Glenn Hauser logs June 9-11, 2012

** MEXICO. Es analog TV DX June 10, continued, UT: 1726 on 2, I was aiming NW toward CANADA as last seen, but now there`s video in Spanish, so back to south. Political ad for PRI presidential candidate Peña Nieto. Getting dirty with laughter at names of many competing candidates, Alianza logo xed out; further adstring 1726 on 4, algo …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 10, 2012

** CANADA. Sporadic E analog TV DX is starting to show at 1500 UT June 10; G7IZU 6-meter Es map shows lots of contacts centering over northern Indiana and vicinity. By 1510 I can tell it`s from the NE to the N in English on ch 2 and best on 4 with ads; also video on 3 and 5. Ch …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 9-10, 2012

** CANADA. 6080 // 6020, June 9 at 0450 check, Sackville has CRI English relay on two correct frequencies, instead of 7305 as employed 24 hours earlier while nothing was on 6080 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also KOREA SOUTH [non] ** CHINA. Firedrake June 9, the only one I had time to find:15435, fair at 1203, het …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 7-8, 2012

** BOLIVIA. 6134.8, June 8 at 0148 weak music audible here with heavy QRM from the TADIL-A bonker on the lo side, constant intruder into the exclusive 49m SWBC band, and lots of storm noise on the band. Is well-known off-frequency of R. Santa Cruz, and I have no doubt this is it. BFO did not help much; music ran …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 6-7, 2012

** CANADA. 15235, June 6 at 1900, RCI in Arabic, very poor, while 17735 is much better in French. 17735 is the only scheduled Sackville frequency for French; I was misled by the HFCC schedule at shows language “FrA“ at 1900-2000 on 15235, while RCI`s own schedule reminds us it`s really on the air only for the first half hour …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 5-6, 2012

** CANADA [and non]. Since the NHK relay at 0500 on 6110 has been missing since May 31, still absent June 6, I check whether any of the RCI frequencies are missing too from Sackville, June 5: At 1957, 17735 is on in French making SAH with Tunisia in Arabic; but nothing on the only listed // 15235; however it …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 5, 2012

** CANADA [and non]. 6110, June 5 at 0500, strains of “Sakura“ raise faint hope that NHK World Radio Japan English relay is back in business — but it`s only faint overload from the NHK Spanish service starting on 6080 via BONAIRE, removed from 6110 by attenuation. Need to check whether any scheduled Sackville frequencies are missing from other transmissions, …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 4, 2012

** BRAZIL. 15191.5, June 4 at 0536, Brazilian music is fading in and completely out, on giveaway offset frequency of R. Inconfidência, as I was looking for R. Africa, Equatorial Guinea, which is sometimes on the 15190 air this early, but no sign of it despite good African reception elsewhere on 19m. Bothered by splash from N. Korea in Spanish …

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Glenn Hauser logs June 3, 2012

** CANADA. Analog Es TV DX opening continued from last report, June 3 UT: 1629 on 2, promo Global News at 10 and another program at 11; still CKND-TV-2, Minnedosa, Manitoba; 1630 `Focus Manitoba` starts. 1708 on 2, `Simpsons` in and out for rest of half hour. Es continued the rest of the afternoon per maps, over much of US, …

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Glenn Hauser logs may 2, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. 21740, May 2 at 0028, RA English very good here on reactivated frequency we used to listen to years ago. Great to have this OSOB back for good evening listening in off-target NAm. This is even stronger than NF 19000 (AM but destined to be DRM), which in turn is much stronger than old 17795. Tnx to Rick …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 30-May 1, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. Further monitoring of R. Australia, lacking any new schedule following significant changes a week ago, no response to our direct request for one, nor on their own website, and of course, nothing at all registered with HFCC: 15160, May 1 at 0443, English is on here // 15515, about equal signals, and slightly weaker on 15240 in Indonesian, …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 15-16, 2012

** CANADA. 17735, 15330, 15235, Sunday April 15 at 2003, `Maple Leaf Mailbag` again dedicated to reading letters of support for RCI. This week Terry Haig is joined by Marc Montgomery, and during the first half, Paloma Martínez of the Spanish department, for whom English is her third language. They maintain there is a “glimmer of hope“, “it`s not done …

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