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Glenn Hauser logs November 7, 2012

** ALBANIA. 6100, Nov 7 at 0229, R. Tirana IS, about to open English to NAm, but quite poor signal tonight. Still clear of QRM, altho Anguilla inbooming 6090 might be a problem on non-selective receivers (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CANADA. 9625, Nov 7 at 1420, straining to reconfirm that CBCNQ still exists, must be source of …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 6-7, 2012

** CUBA. 15340, Nov 6 at 2245, RHC Spanish has finally moved here from 17750, allegedly to Europe but very strong, enough to be aimed USward, and of course overshadowing 15345 Argentina, which I expected would get creamed by Cuba. At least RHC should be off 15340 by 0000 UT when on weekends R. Nacional stays on 15345 later (Glenn …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 6, 2012 [more]

** CHINA. 7390, Nov 6 at 1327, Firedrake mixed with presumed CNR1 jamming, weaker than 7385 with CNR1 only. The target on 7390 must be IBB Cantonese via Philippines at 13-15; we thought the ChiCom were not bothering to jam incoming Cantonese. Hit or miss? 11970, Nov 6 at 1338, Firedrake also here, very poor, presumably against 100-watt Sound of …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 6, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. 19000, Nov 6 at 0128, RA VG with tail of an interview with an Indian academic asserting that altho no longer government-owned, All India Radio is not trusted by the people, who consider it still a government mouthpiece, run by ex-bureaucrats; while they do trust the Parliament Channel, which is funded directly from parliament. Hmm, isn`t that government …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 4-5, 2012

** ARGENTINA. 13363.5-LSB, Sunday Nov 4, excited talk in Spanish, so the LTA army feeder (to Antarctica?) is on again, as probability is highest on weekends. Not play-by-play game, however. 2317 a long adstring mentioning such things as Cataratas de Iguazú, Buenos Aires and Monte Grande addresses, and most of them cite 0-800 phone numbers which I assume are the …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 4, 2012

** CUBA. 5025, Nov 4 at 0528, R. Rebelde has no RTTY QRM at the moment, but now its own modulation is distorted and suppressed, lacking the usual vigour. Substituting one of RHC`s defective transmitters? Next check at 1223, more or less back to normal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. Guess what: despite dis- or mis-information from …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 3-4, 2012

** ALBANIA. 6100, Nov 4 at 0230, R. Tirana is barely audible, less so than the signal meter implies, because it`s undermodulated and weaker than usual vs the noise level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** GUIANA FRENCH. The dirty spurblobs of the last few nights are on again after 0200 UT Nov 4 circa 5994 and 6076, but …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 2-3, 2012

** ALBANIA. 7465, Nov 2 at 2057, weak signal with talk rather than R. Tirana IS; must be tail of 2030 German service now scheduled just before English. 2100 opening English with correct times for both English broadcasts. 6100, Nov 2 at 0227 R. Tirana carrier is on, not earlier; 0228 IS, 0230 sign-on English with schedule of: to UK …

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Glenn Hauser logs November 2, 2012

** ALBANIA. 6100, Nov 2 tuning in early in case R. Tirana is really starting at 0200 as per the new schedule announcements. No, nothing there at 0212, nor at 0225, but at 0227 a very poor carrier is going on and off, and continues to be JBA at 0230. Assuming this is really it, not a good night for …

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Glenn Hauser logs October 31-November 1, 2012

** ALBANIA. 7465, Oct 31 at 2100 trying to hear R. Tirana`s sign-on announcement in English but still too weak here against the noise level. Should improve on the average as we approach Solstice, and also should be better further east. 6100, Nov 1 at 0224 tune-in, R. Tirana is already on the air with music, 0227 IS and 0230 …

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Glenn Hauser logs October 31, 2012

** ALBANIA. 6100, Oct 31 at 0227, night two of the new time and frequency in English to NAm: R. Tirana IS, 0230 Klara`s sign-on announcement has been changed from the defunct A-12 one aired 24 hours earlier, but it`s wrong! She says the English schedule is to UK at 21-22 on 7465 Mon-Sat, and to USA, 02-03 on 6100 …

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Glenn Hauser logs October 30, 2012

** CANADA. 6110, Oct 30 at 0508, Sackville keeps this frequency on but without NHK any more, which lasted thru Oct 29. Now playing novelty song in French, obviously local fill, as they had been earlier on 5960. See also JAPAN [non] 9555, Oct 30 at 0509 check, Sackville has finally turned off this ex-VOV frequency, like 6175 earlier. See …

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