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Glenn Hauser logs March 19-20, 2020

** AUSTRALIA. 11865, March 19 at 1325, S Asian song, 1330 RBA signing off until 1230 tomorrow. Per EiBi, the last quarter hour on Thursday would have been in Bengali (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CHINA. 9215, March 19 at 1351, Asian language unseems Chinese, not like CNR1 or Sound of Hope, but those are the only listees (Glenn Hauser, …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 18-19, 2020

** CUBA. 15700, March 18 at 1555, CRI relay is undermodulated with hum, tone and crackle, otherwise excellent. Something`s always wrong at RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 15370, March 18 at 1930, RHC still not on here, but later with distortion (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** MEXICO. 6185.0, March 18 at 2355, XEPPM JBM with Mexican music, S9 …

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FTIOM & UBMP, March 22-28

From the Isle of Music, March 22-28: This week, our special guest is Liz Castillo, we also listen to music from Orquesta America, Enrique Lizaga’s Orchestra and Imagen Son. The broadcasts take place: 1. For Eastern Europe but audible well beyond the target area in most of the Eastern Hemisphere (including parts of East Asia and Oceania) with 100Kw, Sunday …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 16-17-18, 2020

** ALBANIA [non]. 5800, March 18 at 0130, WRMI starts Radio Tirana IS, usual canned opening by Klara that “you can hear us only on internet“, yeah right; then I find also on // 9395 after Argentina, q.v., concluded. Mixup in System feeds? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** ANTARCTICA [non]. 15475.97-CUSB, March 17 by 1904, no signal from LRA36; they …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 15-16-17, 2020

** ARGENTINA [non]. Since WRMI 5800 has been running either Hal Turner or Taiwan relay test, has RAE Spanish just been deleted at 0100 on 5800? Last UT Saturday I was surprised to hear Hal Turner on there // 9455. Whither RAE Spanish? Outdated sked has long shown 2200-2300 M-F on 5010 System D. The transmission schedule shows 5010 not …

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Taiwan tests via WRMI vs Argentina

** TAIWAN [non]. 5800, March 16 at 0059.5, WRMI ID by BZ after SMTV, and instead of RAE Spanish relay repeat, 0100 into music, unseems the publicized RTI relay test, but at 0102 I am hearing YL in Spanish with Chinese accent, talking about Dia Mundial de la Radio which was back on 13 febrero; S9+20/30. Soon mentions Radio Taiwán …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 14-15, 2020

** CANADA. 258-MCW kHz, March 15 at 0552, dash and ZSJ, which is a 1000-watt ND Beacon from Sandy Lake, Ontario, the only one on 258 per — first time heard since Dec 28. 340-MCW kHz, March 15 at 0558, dash and YY, 500-watt NDB at Mont-Joli, QC. See also UNIDENTIFIED 278 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 13780, …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 13-14, 2020

** GUATEMALA [and non]. 4055, continuing postal discussion: Vince Ferme, Ottawa ON, replies: “I remember when this was announced. It likely went to the UPU as well. In this case, any competent postal service would not accept this piece of mail. Now, check the following links, nothing newer, so the current situation is anybody’s guess: Service on paper …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 13, 2020

** COLOMBIA. 6010, March 13 after 2200 & 2300 check, no signal from HJDH to Bogotá KiwiSDR. Not heard since test? UT March 10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 11880, still off the air March 13 at 2120 & 2155, but *2200 RHC on weakly direct in French. Via Bogotá KiwiSDR, in Portuguese before 2300, 2300 switch to English, …

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Encore – Classical music – This weekend

Regular Broadcast times of Encore are: 11:00 – 12:00 UTC Saturday 6070 kHz Channel 292 to Europe Repeated 01:00 – 02:00 UTC Sunday 5850 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada 09:00 – 10:00 UTC Sunday 7440 kHz Channel 292 to Europe 02:00 – 03:00 UTC Monday 9455 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada 19:00 – 20:00 UTC Friday …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 12-13, 2020

** CANADA. 2598-USB, March 12 at 0616, YL in French marine weather, poor, at a time when nothing is supposed to be active among the NL stations. 2749-USB, March 12 at 0616, another collision between Canadian coast guard stations, and again at a time unscheduled for any of them in the Nova Scotia-Quebec area. Better signals than 2598. Same RoboYL …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 10-11, 2020

** ALGERIA. 891, March 11 at 0057, music barely separable from 890 WLS, i.e. Alger network 1. From a few minutes earlier there were JBA carriers on almost all the available lower 9-kHz channels (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CHINA [and non]. 9455, March 11 at 2012, only Firedragon via UTwente SDR, while here direct it`s only music from WRMI. …

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