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Glenn Hauser logs July 15-16, 2022

** ANGOLA. 4949.720, July 15 at 2152, presumed RNA is JBA S7 mostly noise into Namibia SDR with signature offset, no signal into RSA SDR and there are no other Kiwis in southern Africa. Tnx to tip from Manuel Méndez, Spain, who reported this yesterday to the WOR iog: “Rádio Nacional de Angola, 4949,7 on air after months without detecting …

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Radio Carpathia via Channel 292 and WRMI

Radio Carpathia webpage at and Facebook page “Hello, and welcome to Radio Carpathia. On Radio Carpathia we will be featuring music from Eastern Europe, most notably Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia and Serbia. Broadcast schedule: Sunday, 17.07.2022, 1000 UTC, simulcast on Channel292 9670 kHz Thursday, 04.08.2022, 0100 UTC, simulcast on WRMI 5850 kHz and 7780 kHz Thursday, 04.08.2022, 1300 …

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Reducing of “Overcomer Ministry” on Channel 292

According to the latest schedules of Channel 292, there is a huge reduction of Overcomer Ministry programming on their all three shortwave frequencies from 16 July, 2022 Broadcasting of this program on 3955 and 9670 kHz will be reduced to 15 hours / day. 6070 kHz won’t be used for it at all (from the same date). More information and …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 14, 2022

** GUAM. 11590, July 14 at 1435, S4/S5 in S Asian language? It`s KTWR in Kazakh at 1430-1445 only (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** UKRAINE [non]. 7730, July 14 at 0501-0508, another new `Ukraine: Security Issue` for July 13, Day 140 of Russia`s war, on UR1 via WRMI. Richard Langley says these resumed on July 10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 13, 2022

** EGYPT. 9439.995, July 13 at 2204, R. Cairo is terribly overmodulated and distorted with hum but English news? somewhat readable if you put up with it, which I will not for more than a few seconds, S9+30/40 into UTwente. Something`s always egregious in Egypt (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** TURKEY. 9830+, July 13 at 2207, VOT ending news and …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 12-13, 2022

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98 RCUSB, Wednesday July 13 from 1455 to 1555, NEVER any signal from LRA36 into best Argentine SDR, another failure of scheduled broadcast; but there are blaaps every 7.5 seconds and irregular clix, OTH radar? none of which would have been serious obstacles. Better luck on Saturday July 16? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 6000, 6060, 6100, …

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SLBC taken over by protesters

Al Jazeera banner: SRI LANKA`S NATIONAL STATE BROADCASTER HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY PROTESTERS. No time visible on the image, but Jose Jacob sent me a screenshot at 1005 UT July 13. At 1310 UT: Hello Glenn Adventist World Radio transmissions scheduled at 1200/1230/1300 UTC via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka on 2 SW tx is noted as usual today 13 July …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 11-12, 2022

** BRAZIL [and non]. 9673.9V approx., Tue July 12 at 0630, RVM unstable around here, higher than usual, not trying to measure more precisely, but notice *0633 JBA carrier het from 9675. Nothing scheduled to start circa 0630, but presumably CNR1 Beijing 572 site supposed to run 2300-1000 except Tuesday siesta 0600-0900 per Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** BRAZIL. …

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On today’s International Radio Report (July 10, 2022) broadcast we spoke about the upcoming 60th anniversary event of the Canadian International DX Club. We will be activating our two amateur radio club call stations, VE2AQP in Quebec and VE6SWL in Alberta to celebrate our 60th anniversary. We hope that hams, and SWLs, around the world will be able to hear …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 10-11, 2022

** CHINA. 17615, July 11 at 0628, S6/S7 JBA Chinese music. Aoki & EiBi show CRI doubling up during the 06-07 hour: German via Urumqi, EAST TURKISTAN, and Mandarin via Kunming. I`ve still hearing this and a number of other 16 mb signals from the dayside in the summer nightmiddle (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 11670, July 11 at …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 9-10, 2022

** BRAZIL. 9673.4/9673.5, jumpy transmitter, July 10 at 0635, RVM ID in Portuguese, and then in *Spanish* with Brazuguese accent, including contact address in Camboriú. They also run IDs in English but none caught lately (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 6165, July 10 at 0009, RHC with a malady I`ve never heard before. Sounds like someone whispering but with …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 8-9, 2022

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98 RCUSB, Saturday July 9, I start listening at 1450 via Argentine remote; LRA36 abruptly cuts on air during song at *1455.7; 1501 standard canned sign-on including Spanish/German/English/Korean warning that this is going to be in Spanish, “Ciclo Radial 2022 Audaz“. Staff names, 1502.7 Antártida themesong; 1507.7 “su compañía“ ID, 1508 song; 1512 YLs seemingly live greeting originally …

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