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Czech Radio MW and LW future

This has already appeared on another site, but it looks like Czech Radio will be shutting down its remaining medium wave transmitters, as well as 270 kHz longwave on December 31, 2021. The longwave band in Europe continues to empty out. The big power reduction on 270 a few years ago pretty much indicated that the facility was headed for …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 23-24, 2020

** COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 24 at 0138, again no signal from anonymous missionary station, at Caribbean Netherlands SDR. But there is a JBA signal showing on the AMSynch as carrier varying around -29 Hz, just right for R. San Antonio, Perú as previously measured on 4939.971 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** COLOMBIA. 600, Sept 23 from 2350, dominant signal at …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 23, 2020

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-CUSB, Wed Sept 23 at 1523, LRA36 with good S9+10 signal into Brasilia SDR; tnx reminder from Manuel Méndez, Spain that it signed on today at *1335 when he could only hear it via Brasil. YLs conversing and would be near 100% readable by a native speaker, but they are rapidly casual rather than radio-enunciating. 1540 song; 1543, …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 22-23, 2020

** CHINA. CNR1 jammer survey, Sept 22 from 1343: 13835, 12880, 12820 S5-S7 flutter, 12550, 12230 S6-S7 w/CODAR, > 12210, < 12190, 11460, 11440, 11150, 11120, 11100, 11070, 10960; 9215 S4-S6, 9200 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 22 at 2300, no signal from anonymous missionary station into TWR Bonaire SDR. Early on, someone caught them signing on …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 21-22, 2020

** COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 22 at various chex 0056/0400 on TWR Bonaire SDR, no signal again tonight from anonymous missionary station (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** EAST TURKISTAN. 9865, Sept 21 at 2341, Asian? music, S7-S6 with flutter up/down in strength and also sidewise in frequency, i.e. Doppler from near trans-polar path. Could AIR Vividh Bharati service be back? No, …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 20-21, 2020

** CHINA. CNR1 WOOB jammer search, Sept 21 at 1415; only found JBA carriers on 12880, 11100 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 21 at 0330, via Brasil SDR, no signal tonight from anonymous new missionary station, apparently still testing. Manuel Méndez, Lugo, Spain, agrees: “New Colombian 4940 seems to be out of air today — COLOMBIA?, 4940, …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 20, 2020

** CHINA. 11100, Sept 20 at 1359, CNR1 jammer JBA, only one found in very quick pre-1400* scan, no others WOOB in the 13s, 12s, 11s, 10s. I continue to see list-logs of these elsewhere as if they were the targeted Sound of Hope (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** KOREA SOUTH. Partial check for clandestine jumparound frequency carriers of VOH/VOP, …

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Radio Beijing International will stop MW 774kHz

Radio Beijing International (Beijing Foreign Language Broadcasting Station), a division of “Beijing Radio and TV Station” (former Beijing Peoples’ Broadcasting Station), announced on September 15 that they will stop MW 774kHz(10kW) at 16:00UT on September 22. The remaining broadcast will be on FM 92.3MHz, internet and Cable FM. They began broadcast in September 2004 with the nickname “Radio 774” …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 19-20, 2020

** COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 20 at 0343 check on Bonaire SDR, no signal from anonymous missionary station; yet there is something JBA on the Warrenton MO SDR I had just retuned from 1860 for WOR check (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 13806 & 13674, Sept 19 at 2114, FMish spurblobs with unreadable audio but signature F# tone, out of …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 19, 2020

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-CUSB, Sat Sept 19 at 1457, no signal direct of course from LRA36, nor at Brasil SDR by 1506, despite RAE special postponed to this date, 1500-2200 UT; meanwhile, Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain, informed us: “ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza. According to a WhatsApp received from the station operator, today Saturday there …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 18-19, 2020

** COLOMBIA? 4940, Sept 19 at 0245, good via TWR Bonaire SDR, anonymous missionary station with nice tropical music seemingly secular enough, but merely some relief as long-winded Spanish gospel huxter resumes at 0250 citing Ezekiel XL et al. (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** EAST TURKISTAN [and non]. 9470, Sept 19 at 0122, American English discussion, must be CRI, S7-S9 …

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Glenn Hauser logs September 18, 2020

** CANADA. 371-MCW kHz, Sept 18 at 0619 UT, JBA NDB dash and GW i.e.: “371 GW CAN QC KUUJJUARAPIK 2000 55 17 5 -77 45 5“ – dxinfocentre. A new one on me; wow, what a name! I wonder if the French Canadians find it any more daunting than the English? “Kuujjuarapik – Village in Québec, Canada — Kuujjuarapik …

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