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Glenn Hauser logs December 26-28, 2012

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 27:7550, poor at 1354 with het on hi side, like happens on 15 MHz vs V. of Tibet via Tajikistan. Aoki does not show any on 7550+ but on 7550-: 7542 at 1342-1400, 7547 at 1300-1342, which may well have shifted.7390, poor at 1354 mixing with something intermittently in English, presumably language lesson during VOA Cantonese …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 25-26, 2012

** CHINA [and non]. 7390, Dec 26 at 1435, Firedrake vs something in Chinese, i.e. VOA Cantonese via Philippines. 9315, Dec 26 at 1436, humbuzz jamming and I think Firedrake is in there too, against VOA Mandarin via Tinian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** GERMANY. 7265, Dec 26 at 0653 check, nothing from Hamburger Lokalradio, when WORLD OF …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 24-25, 2012

** CUBA. 9780, Dec 24 at 2258, FMy humblob, strong enough to recognize distorted modulation as RHC matching 9710, so a spur from that, apparently. 9710 itself has heavy QRM from WTWW-2 spikespurs, see USA; unfortunately that interference is not deliberate, unlike the jamming the Cuban commies impose on other US stations. 6060, Dec 25 at 0606, RHC is in …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 23-24, 2012

** ARGENTINA. 16150-SSB, Dec 23 at 1945, NON LOG of feeder with Radio Metro, first chance I had to check it after report via Horacio Nigro from Claudio in Chile of 54555 reception there at 1843 with dance music. I include this as a heads-up of a new frequency to watch out for. Also checked 15810, 13363.5, other/former feeder channels, …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 23, 2012

** CHINA [and non]. 9480, Dec 23 at 0154 check, a very poor signal, presumably R Free Asia Uighur via Kuwait and/or Chicom jamming, with slight splash but not spurs from 9490 Guiana French. Still, better than zero signal from EMR DX special supposed to follow from Germany with 1 kW at 0200 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 21-23, 2012

** BRAZIL. 4815, Dec 23 at 0011, Brazilian Portuguese sounds like preaching, so R. Dif. Londrina, ZYG640. Speaking of callsigns, I see that the WRTH 2013 perpetuates the error in the callsign for 15190v R. Inconfidência as ZYE622 instead of ZYE522 to match their 6010 frequency which is ZYE521. Aoki agrees that 15190 is ZYE522 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 21, 2012

** CHINA. Firedrake search Dec 21 at 1345-1352: none found 12-19 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 11760, Dec 21 at 1327, 1344, this is a missing RHC frequency as at least one transmitter continues to be down. Still going in Spanish on 9540, 11690, 11750, 11860, 15230, 15340;. At 1351, 17730 is also absent while 17580 …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 22, 2012

** MOROCCO [and non]. 9579, Dec 22 at 0635, weak het with 9580, so apparently both Africa No. One, GABON, and Médi Un, are on with the usual clash. Gabon had been missing at various previous chex. Aoki and HFCC show the only other station on 9580 during this hour is Lhasa, Tibet, but I don`t recall ever seeing it …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 20-21, 2012

** CUBA. 11760, Dec 20 at 2136, RHC is still on in French, supposed to end at 2130, but off at next check 2145; must have been running late. 11880, Dec 20 at 2136, RHC Portuguese. If NHK Portuguese via GUIANA FRENCH is still there, I can`t detect it underneath; nor anywhere else on the 25m band in case they …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 20, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. 11945 & 9580, Thu Dec 20 at 1410-1458, RA intriguing interview from R. National, with author of a book about the CIA, “The Interrogator: a CIA Agent’s True Story“, Glenn Carle, who was pressured by the Bush-Cheney regime to torture a prisoner for Al-Qaida info, but was really a low-level banker with only remote connexions to the terrorists. …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 19, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. 5995, Dec 19 at 1416, RA has VG signal and no spurs this time around 5982 or 6008. At 1435, also on 11660, which is 329 degrees toward Asia, sufficient but much weaker than // 11945 and 9580 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA. 11760 & 13780, Dec 19 at 1357 check, RHC is back in …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 17-18, 2012

** BANGLADESH. 15505, Dec 18 at 1427, still no signal from Bangladesh Betar, and here`s why: Ivo Ivanov says all the BB external services between 1230 and 2000 are now on 7250. Why doesn`t BB notify us of such changes? Note: this is a NON-LOG, not to be transformed into a log by inattentive editing. Possibly 7250 can make it …

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