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Glenn Hauser logs May 14-15, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake May 15: hi-latitude propagation was very suppressed above 12 MHz, the only big signals coming from southerly Chile, Cuba, WYFR. But CNR1 echo jamming was VG around 1300 on 11990, 1204014700, Firedrake poor at 1231, none audible higher13920, fair at 123512240, very good at 123611500, no Firedrake but some JBA talk10300, not at 1241 7970, fair at 1249 …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 14, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake May 14; all checked were //: 7970, JBA at 122710300, fair at 133211500, good at 1234, atop lo het, CCI; fair-good at 1337 over CCI12240, good at 1331, but not in the previous hour12600, good at 1236; good at 133112980, fair-good at 123613920, fair at 1237; very good at 133014700, fair-good at 123715540, fair at 1216 vs het …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 12-13, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, as usual late coming on, May 13 at 1233 nothing, but *1238:19 carrier on with immediate musical prélude; 1249 switch to another song, then LRA36 ID and usual sign-on, not with “Soy Feliz“ theme but song with similar beat. S9+12 and I have no time to listen further today. I`m rather surprised that this is not being …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 11-12, 2011

** ALBANIA. 13625, May 12 at 1430 nothing heard until 1431 so R. Tirana apparently came on late with English schedule in progress, but very poor today, only S9+5 peaks and just barely modulated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36, May 12 at 1234, no signal yet; *1235:28 immediately with musical prélude; poor at S7 to …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 11, 2011

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. 15476, no signal May 11 at 1235, so I tune the second set to BFO on 15475 in order to be notified when LRA36 turn on. That happens at *1244, late again, so back to the FRG-7 to hear musical modulation at S9 to S9+10. 1252, XYL ID, sign-on with frequencies, coördinates; then “Soy Feliz“ theme …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 9-10, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, May 10 at 1252, LRA36 with music to S9+10 level, and YL quickly mentions LRA36 as in their e-mail address. (I don`t like to convey Spanish fonetically, as everyone should at least learn its simple pronunciation scheme and numbers, but just once I will do so to assist some others in copying the ID: EH-leh, EH-reh, AH, …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 8-9, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, Monday May 9 at 1301, LRA36 is on with music. 1307 next music is at a feverish pace, no doubt encouraging fast-dancing to keep warm, as at 1311 announced the temperature as -21 C, on `Amanecer Austral` show; 1312 with phone numbers, seemed to mention date as “9 de marzo“ but maybe was really “mayo“ with that …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 7-8, 2011

** BELGIUM [non]. Further evidence that DRM is NOT compatible with AM shortwave broadcasting, and should be restricted to totally different utility bands: May 7 at 2010, 17750 WYFR in English has heavy QRDRM noise from 17750-17755-17760 TDP via GUIANA FRENCH. HFCC shows the two overlap for half a sesquihour at 2000-2045. Does WYFR AM also disrupt the handful trying …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 6-7, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake May 7, all // when checked: 10965, fair at 1244; poor at 1346; very poor at 143511500, poor at 1349, CCI, // 1096513920, good at 1216 with ute/het14700, poor at 1248 // 13920; poor at 135215430, very poor with flutter at 1355; // 16100 at 135816100, good at 1255 // 13920; good with flutter at 1358 16980, …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 6, 2011

** ANTARCTICA [and non]. 15476, LRA36 monitoring Friday May 6: started at 1232, but no signal, and still none at 1241. I was about to give up, but checked again at 1243 and now it`s suddenly on with the best signal yet, S9+15, opening routine with “Soy Feliz“ themetune, `Amanecer Austral`, YL mentions “falta de agua“, a water shortage the …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 4-6, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, May 5 at 1210 I set the second receiver with BFO on 15475, to be notified exactly when LRA36 turns on its carrier: Not until *1229 and immediately with music, S9+12 peaks. This turns out to be one of my best receptions so far. 1236 segué to another music, no announcements yet. 1239 finally ID with frequency, …

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Glenn Hauser logs May 3-4, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, checked for LRA36, Tuesday May 3 at 1930 and 1957, but no trace of it. Something had been heard there the previous two Tuesdays in NZ and Australia; and it was missing from its usual earlier broadcast on May 3. 15476, May 4 at 1257, LRA36 is back at S9+8 level, undermodulated talk; 1300 said “buena música“ …

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