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Glenn Hauser logs April 9-10, 2011

** ALBANIA [and non]. 13640, R. Tirana English to NAm and Europe, April 9 at 1845-1857:40*, typically ending at least two minutes before the hour/half hour, still has co-channel QRM from All India Radio, also causing a rippling SAH. Altho R. Tirana is slightly stronger here, an unacceptable collision. If AIR continues to be unresponsive about this usurpation, R. Tirana …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 8-9, 2011

** ALBANIA [and non]. 13640, checking again April 8 the unexpected AIR interference to R. Tirana, English to North America at 2000-2030: At 1920, 13640 has poor signal mix of the two Arabic stations. 1958, India in French is very poor but reads S9+10 peaks. *1959, RT comes on with carrier at S9+15, but less modulation more than makes up …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 8, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36 still missing April 8, after sudden appearance April 6, and absence April 7. Roberto Scaglione says they were working on fixing antenna and transmitter problems. On April 8 I checked repeatedly at 1255, 1330, 1409, 1417, 1447 and never heard even a carrier, tho propagation was poor. Harold Frodge, reporting to DXLD, also looked for it …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 7, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, after appearing April 6 for the first time in almost 5 months, LRA36 gone again as eagerly sought 24 hours later, no signal, not even a carrier detected April 7 at 1237, 1300, 1320, 1334, 1353, 1404, 1410, 1430. Perhaps yesterday was just a test. No reply to my e-mail inquiry (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 5-6, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. After checking 15476 just about every weekday morning for more than two months, LRA36 is finally back on the air! Tipoff as I tuned across was tell-tale 4-kHz het against Poland [non] 15480. April 6 at 1332, 15476 with songs, lots of fading, S9+10 peaks. Previously until it disappeared in November, there would often be nothing but a …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 2-3, 2011

** ALBANIA [and non]. 13640, R. Tirana, English to Eu and NAm at 1845-1900 and 2000-2030 Mon-Sat, on a frequency which was carefully chosen and registered not to cause or be subject to interference, now has co-channel QRM since a few days after A-11 officially started, All India Radio began using it during these hours and beyond: 1715-1945 in Arabic, …

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Glenn Hauser logs April 1-2, 2011

** ANGUILLA [and non]. 11775, April 2 at 1350, PMS is JBA and I thought she was very undermodulated until I noticed a SAH, indicating suppression by a stronger carrier atop; but nothing else scheduled now except AIR Tibetan/Nepali via GOA at 1200-1430, surely not the source of this. Could have been a R. Martí Greenville or Sackville tuneup for …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 28, 2011

** ALBANIA. 13625, March 28 at 1428, our first chance in A-11 to check R. Tirana`s new schedule of English to North America: no adjacent- or co-channel QRM at all, signal S9+10, fair with fading, and as so often the case, modulation is muffled and so low, that the propagational fading is louder than the station. I am able to …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 26-27, 2011

** CANADA. 6115, strong open carrier, March 27 at 0641 and earlier in the hour; presumed Sackville which decided to burn kW even tho with A-11 there is no longer any CRI English relay here at 06-07, and hence no audio input (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake March 27: 10300, poor at 1336 // …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 20, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake later March 20:  8400, good with flutter at 1224; at 1357 // 12240 but not 10300 to which it is normally // 10300, good at 1233; recheck at 1352 found it not // 12240 12240, good at 1352 on surprise frequency No others found up to 18 MHz by 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** …

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Glenn Hauser logs March 13, 2011

** CUBA [and non]. When DST went off last fall, RHC surprisingly moved its Spanish programming one UT hour later, i.e. keeping it on the same local time, so with DST of UT -4 resuming March 13, in coördination with Yanqui Imperialism, we expected program times to shift back one UT hour earlier, but at the beginning of the day …

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Glenn Hauser logs February 19-20, 2011

** BRAZIL. Since it`s inactive on SW 9615, I was listening to R. Cultura FM São Paulo webcast for `Mapa Mundi`, world music hour this week from Lebanon, at 0000 UT Sunday Feb 20; announcement at end of it reminded us that DST terminates tonight — so from next week that show will be at 01-02 UT Sundays. I`ve changed …

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