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WRN via WRMI schedule

** U S A. WRMI 9955 has mostly been off the air for maintenance the past fortnight on weekday afternoons, but once resumed it is again running WORLD RADIO NETWORK relays eight hours straight at 1600-2400 UT; the webcast continued. Content is as follows, from WRN`s schedule, converted to UT, which as of March 15 is incorrect on the North …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 22-23, 2008

** ALASKA. Most days KNLS is inaudible or beneath adjacent channel signals, but Dec 22 at 1452 it was coming in well, tho with some deep fades, on 6150 toward end of English program. Unfortunately that was a Creation Moment, favorite mini-show of the gospel huxters dedicated to debunking Evolution. This anti-intellexual nonsense makes me want to puke. 1454 outro …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 21, 2008

** BRAZIL. Wacky preacher in españuguês on 9565, Dec 21 at 0610, mentioning Voz de Liberación. He really puts on a show with his screaming and declaiming as if he is possessed. I think he`s just nuts, and he can`t even keep the two languages straight. This of course is David Miranda of the Iglesia Pentecostal Dios es Amor. Here`s …

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Glenn Hauser logs December 19-20, 2008

** CANADA [non]. 11895 good and clear Dec 20 at 1505, disgusting sermon in slow English about bringing a female (animal?) without defect as a sin offering, slaughtering and pouring out the blood on the altar, removing the fat and burning it, avoiding unclean stuff; Leviticus V mentioned. What does PWBR `2009` say this is? AWR Guam is the only …

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Radio Caroline ship sinks

March 19/20, 1980 In London, both the Evening Standard and the Evening News splashed the news of the Mi Amigo’s demise across their front pages: “Pop Pirate Caroline is Sunk,” led the Standard, while the News opened with, “Storm Sinks Pop Pirate Caroline.” Both papers gave dramatic accounts of the 12-hour rescue operation: “The hairiest rescue I’ve ever done,” exclaimed …

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