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Glenn Hauser logs August 22, 2021

** CANADA. 346-MCW, Aug 22 at 0611 UT, NDB dash and YXL, 500 watts at SiouXLookout, Ontario; also on 332-MCW, dash and QT Thunder Bay atop nodash, IC Wichita KS (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** NORTH AMERICA. 6950-USB, Aug 22 at 0121, pirate music S9/+10, 0123 Wolverine Radio reverbing ID, into SSTV beepery and off by 0125* Many reports here …

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New name for “Shortwave Radio” broadcasting from Winsen, Germany

GERMANY. I just noticed this announcement at “News August 1st, 2021 Celebrating four years of broadcasting on 3975kHz and 6160kHz – Time for a change: ShortwaveRadio is now Shortwave Gold. Shortwave Gold and ShortwaveRadio are on ‘summer mode’. Times of transmissions are as follows. Have a nice summer^^ 3975 kHz: 18:00 to 22:00 UTC (20:00 to 00:00 CEST) 6160 …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 21, 2021

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-RCUSB, Aug 21 at 1455 check via two Brasil SDRs, still no signal this Saturday from LRA36. Someone in Moskva has been listening for an hour upon whom I camp (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CUBA. 6100, Aug 21 at 0345, RHC with jazz, // Spanish service 9710. Nothing on 6060 where this is supposed to be, 6100 …

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The Desert Whooper Beacon 4095.65 KHz

In your August 4th logs a person offered some incorrect information about DW’s transmit format. For your readers’ interest, here are some technical details of the one watt beacon that provides fascinating propagation performance. The beacon started development in November of 2020. It was built from scratch and has a hybrid controller consisting of two 555 CMOS timers to key …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 20-21, 2021

** FRANCE [non]. 7780 & 5800, UT Sat Aug 21 at 0200, another TRSW Europirate relay hour courtesy of TRSW via WRMIs: Atlantic 2000, alternating announcements in English and French, start with Beatles, and Born In The USA, but finally at 0210 a French cover of Sinatra`s My Way. Then the original. Everything pop/rock so far; is there any other …

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SAQ Reports “an Incredible Number” of Listeners for July 4 Transmissions

The Alexander Grimeton Friendship Association reports “an incredible number” of listener reports — 524 in all — for its July 4 Alexanderson Day transmissions from SAQ, the Alexanderson alternator very-low-frequency (VLF) station in Sweden. SAQ transmits on 17.2 kHz. “We are overwhelmed by all the fantastic feedback we have received, from all of you around the world, in listener’s reports …

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OHR – Offshore History Radio Special Programs

Check the Radio Channel292 schedules for all 3 freqs for upcoming “OHR – Offshore History Radio” programs! In memory of August 31 1974 – the close-down of the various Offshore Radio stations – These special OHR programs are in YELLOW with RED TXT André -/- DJ Coolio CoolAM Radio – Shortwave HOT Radio 6735 OHR Radio “Offshore History Radio” …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 19-20, 2021

** CANADA. 6754-USB, Aug 20 at 0414, Trenton Military more or less back to normal after several days of distorted modulation and “no report received“ from anything, per other monitors. Now only partial NRRs and OK mod; but clock is still off: own time check at 0417Z as “0415“. Haven`t heard it much on day frequency 15034-USB. CHR has gone …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 18, 2021 [more]

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. 7600, more to my previous report about Afghanistan International TV: Roger Thauer, Germany, says, “If you are looking for the missing video to the sound: In the ticker of the TV picture, the note in Dari: رادیو: موج کوتاه ۷۶۰۰ کیلوهرتز = Radio: 7600 kHz shortwave تلویزیون: ماهواره ترکمنعالم – فرکانس ۱۱۲۲۱ – عمودی (Vertical) – …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 18, 2021

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. 7600, Aug 18 at 1526, new clandestine Afghanistan International TV puts VG signal into Kuwait SDR, S9+15/25 in SAM mode. Very slight hum. Bit of vamp music, seagull sounds, not sure if language be Dari = Farsi or Pashto. Should be both as time goes on. IDs in passing with English? name “Afghan International“ and spelling out …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 17, 2021

** CANADA. 335-MCW kHz, Aug 17 at 0624 UT, ND beacon YLD is JBA, 1000 watts from Chapleau ON. Only other ones making it lately but not specifically logged at this time: 332 QT Thunder Bay, and 382 YPL Pickle Lake, both ONs (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** KASHMIR [non]. 15170, Aug 17 at 1515, another Tuesday-only broadcast of IRRS …

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Glenn Hauser logs August 15-16-17, 2021

** AFGHANISTAN. Checking the MW situation, Aug 16 at 1639 via New Delhi SDR — the klosest Kiwi only one megameter from Kabul, so 400 kW transmitters at night if non-direxional ought to be pounding in — compare to mere 50 kW clear channels e.g. from Chicago or Nashville out to similar distances in N America. 1107 is chanting, and …

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