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Glenn Hauser logs July 27-28, 2020

** ANTARCTICA. On July 26, I sent my log of the Sat July 25 LRA36 special for QSL, to the address I heard announced, and quoted in my log report, — but it bounced July 27. So I resent it to an address mentioned in previous publicity: — I hope this one be correct. That one just bounced …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 27, 2020

** CHINA [and non]. CNR1 jammer survey, July 27 at 1352-1400: again none found in the WOOB areas of 13, 12, 11, 10 or even 9 MHz; but there is a poor inband signal on 9680 until 1400* timesignal and off. Is it propagation, or has there been a cutback? N Korea is still propagating poor-fairly on 11735, 11710, self-jamming …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 26, 2020

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-CUSB, July 26 at 1545, LRA36 has supposedly stayed on all night until 1500 but it`s still on, as activity publicity never seems accurately fulfilled; sufficient via Brasil SDR, almost nothing but music; `Ave Maria` nice harmony hymn playing at tune-in, then lots more secular? songs. 1606 mentions Santiago del Estero; 1633 song about Provincia de Santa Fe; …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 25-26, 2020

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-CUSB. After the July 25 LRA36 special supposedly ended, we got word via Horacio Nigro G. that it was being extended all-night until 13 UT July 26! My Brazilian remote is still tuned there as I am about to check it for WOR on WRMI 5800, but July 26 at 0259 nothing from RNASG except a possible trace, …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 24-25, 2020

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-CUSB, Sat July 25 at 1636 tune-in via Brasil SDR, another LRA36 special is already early on the air again, asserting “este es el ritmo de mi tierra“, but I seriously doubt it be genuine traditional Antarctican music. Manuel Méndez, Spain was hearing it already at 1624. Music with occasional IDs, such as 1650 plugging the regular Wednesday …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 24, 2020

** CANADA. 332-MCW kHz, July 24 at 0609, NDB dash and QT, 1000 watts from Thunder Bay, Ont., overcoming nearby 400-watt IC in WIChita KS 335-MCW kHz, July 24 at 0610, ND beacon dash and YLD barely copiable vs HSNL, i.e. 1000 watts from Chapleau, Ont., which is between Timmins and Sault Ste Marie (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CHINA. …

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Russian Woodpecker

re: Duga-2 Woodpecker Komsomolsk d-Amur tx at 50°53’22.88″N 136°50’12.89″E Much of the former OTHR installations from USSR era 48 years back, are now scrap, like Chernobyl, as you described below. Others re-appeared on different locations from about 2010 to 2011 year like Kaliningrad control center towards the west / Atlantic Ocean, as IARU Bandwatch mentioned tx site near Caspian Sea …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 23-24, 2020

** CANADA. 248-MCW kHz, July 23 at 0633 UT, ND beacon dash and WG, which is 1000 watts from Winnipeg. Good to hear a Canadian again on LW; some storm noise but lower than usual as nothing lightning much in the Great Center of America, just scattered spots further to the west and east. Also logged several from USA; Q.v. …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 22, 2020

** TURKEY. 9830, Wed July 22 at 2214-2231, VOT `Letterbox`, glad Emirler manages to be on the air today. I`m listening via UTwente with a very strong signal, no RTTY there, but quite a big hum on the carrier. Something is still always erroneous at Emirler. After complaining it is unusually hot in Ankara, Anatolia, 39-37-36 degrees even tho it …

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Another WRTH A-20 update

WRTH has issued another A-20 update July 21, free pdf reached eventually via A few significant excerpts: GERMANY RADIO SE-TA 2 (NEW ENTRY) Summer Schedule 2020 German Days Area kHz 1000-1100 …..s. Eu 6095nau* Key: * 4th July & 3rd October only F.Pl: To use own transmitter (Hartenstein, Saxony), beginning in September 2020. The transmitter will be on …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 21-22, 2020

** BRAZIL. 11780, July 21 at 2126, RNA is S8/S9+10 but JBM suptorted and some squeal. Wake up at the site (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) ** CHINA. CNR1 jamming survey, July 22 at 1346-1400: 11460; 11440; 11150; 11120; 11000- JBA carrier; 10920; 10820; 12500; 12550; 12795 S9; 12835 S9-S7; 12880; 13020; 13130; 13160 S5-S8; 13630; 13835; 13920; 14850; 14920; 16065?; …

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Glenn Hauser logs July 20-21, 2020

** CHINA. CNR1 jammer survey, July 21 at 1338-1400, a lot of them despite using indoor longwire due to storms. Noted S reading for some of the strongers; many confirmed by //, but some JBA carriers in usual spots so presumed. Chinese talk at first, later music: 13160, 12880, 12870, 12835, 12500, 12190; 14900, 14850; 16100 JBAC, 16300; 11460 & …

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